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Pain After Hysterectomy

I am 25 and had a total abdom. Hysterectomy in August of 07. I had everything removed, because I had cyst on everything and bad bleeding and pain. I healed well and I felt fine after.   The bloating and  swelling went away quickly, but now Im having  sharp pains where my left overy use to be. and in the past few mths I have had 2 kidney infections. Is there anyone who has had this before? Thank you :)

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I cannot answer the question about the kidney involvement, but I am wondering if the other pain is from Surgical Adhesions? I suffered greatly from this years ago. Adhesions don't always have to hurt, but generally they do and they can be very painful.

I posted information on the Health Pages (See top right of the Ovarian Cyst or Ovarian Cancer..patient to patient..forum and click on that and then scroll to "Relief from  Surgical Adhesions".

Take a look at some of the more recent posts on the Ovarian Cyst forum. Some members tonight were talking about adhesions... You can go to my profile (Click my name) and look at my most recent postings to learn more if you want. The postings from the Ovarian Cyst forum will show up there.

The relief comes from breaking up the adhesions by doing a rather aggressive massage technique...so I would certainly talk to your doctor before trying it especially since you are having kidney pain and I am not sure if the two are related, but it would be good to check this out.

Let me know if  you have problems finding the info...I suggest printing it out. It is long.

I am off to bed and I have no computer at work, but I will check in tomorrow night.

Take care,

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I just read your question again and I see you are not necessarily having kidney pain now, but I see you have had a few infections... Sorry to hear about that. I would still check with the doctor before trying the "Body Rolling."

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