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Partial hysterectomy? Total hysterectomy?

Hi everybody,

I've posted a question in the "ovarian cyst" section, and now I have another question.  I am 48 and perimenopausal.  I went 7 months without a period, then a few months ago, started getting periods again.  I went to the dr., had an ultrasound where they discovered fibroids on the uterus and also cysts on the ovaries.  I went to a gynocologist/oncologist who did another ultrasound.  She thought fibroids, cysts and possibly fluid in one fallopian tube.  She sent me to have the CA125 blood test for ovarian cancer, which came back normal, thank goodness, although I understand there can be false negatives.  She had me come back in 6 weeks, and she did another ultrasound.  She said the cyst was bigger, not smaller and had some solid components to it.  

I'm a terrible worrier and scared of cancer.  She said she needs to do surgery to see what's going on in there.  She said she'd possibly remove the ovary, and maybe the other.  And she might remove the fallopian tube, then what's the point of the uterus?, she said.  

She said it would be a laparoscopic surgery, until I told her that I don't have insurance.  Then she said I could opt for a laparotomy.  It's a faster surgery, and here (in South Africa), the hospital charges per minute.  She says the laparoscopy takes 90 - 100 minutes and the laparotomy takes about 60.  She wants me to decide!

Our conversation was so fast, and my head is sort of spinning.  I'm not even sure of the questions to ask.

I know a laparoscopy is easier to go through, but I read that if there is a chance of cancer (IS THERE????) that they could spill some during a laparoscopy!  That makes me tend toward a laparotomy!  Then I spoke to my mom, and she says "just have her take it all out no matter what".  So she says I should ASK for a complete hysterectomy.  And I thought, well why not?  I'm 48 and heading toward menopause anyway...

I'm sorry I'm so scattered with this post.  I don't even know if it makes any sense.  Can anyone find the questions in it?  I guess they are...
1.  More than anything I'm petrified of cancer and would like reasurance.  I know ovarian cysts are rarely cancer, but I'm still so scared.
2.  Should I ask for a complete hysterectomy?
3.  laparoscopy vs. laparotomy?

Thank you so much.  This is a wonderful forum.  I've learned so much already just from reading some posts.  Thank you.

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Hi a laparatomy is an incision into the abdominal/pelvic wall to gain access to remove desired organs /tissues;;;;the difference of laproSCOPIC surgery is they use three or 4 very small incisions to insert scopes into the rods that are placed in the small incisions..they can then see w a camera inserted into the rods where and what needs sutured/removed etc,,,so I really do not think the laparatomy increases chances of reminants beng left to cause cancer..and it truely sound that cancer is not your worry. that CA125 test is a VERY good test.

what you are left to decide is if you can afford the extra minutes or not...a laprascopic is a very much easier recovery..a laparatomy ,,,well,,,the Dr can decide to make any size incision they want and if he/she is trying to save you money a larger incision is easier to work with then a small one.( Im not saying your Dr will do that you really need to speak w them)

I have helped ladies from all over the world and many governments have differnet policys to deal w no insurance. It really sounds like yourDR has your best interests at heart....one last but of advice a hysterectomy should always be your very last choice. its a difficult surgery very serious, hard recovery. 6 weeks to be anywhere near back to normal.

about your ovaries, there are so many types of cysts and yes the most are NOT cancer I had a real large cyst on my ovary it grew and attached my ovary to the bowel so please do be aware that just if it is not cancer is not a reason to not be concerned cysts can also rupture which causes great pain so if this does happen youd know for sure cause youd likely be in emergency.

if they remove your ovarie(s) try to get just one if possible

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Hi Cherie,

Thank you so much for your response.  I am so relieved to hear you say that the CA125 test is a very good test.  All I read is that they're not reliable, and if yours is fine, you still can't rest easy.  I feel like a whiny baby, but I was so scared today.  It was like a cold rock in my stomach.  Just reading what you wrote makes me feel so much better.  My husband says "Don't worry, everything'll be fine", but he's an eternal optomist! :)  (Thank goodness for him and his optomism with my doom and gloom!)

We women really have some pieces and parts to take care of, don't we?  Your ovary was attached to your bowel?  Ughhh!  Did you end up having a laparotomy?  Did you end up having a hysterectomy?

My mom says have them take it all out - but I hear you - keep an ovary if possible.  Is that because of the hormones?  Even though I'm 48 and perimenopausal?  I understand the ovaries continue to release hormones well after menopause.  Is that right?

I suppose my dr. won't know until she "gets in there".

The reason I wondered if I should go ahead and have it all out is not to have this cancer worry.  I know it's extreme.  It's also not reasonable.  I wish I could be like other people and not have this sick worry when they haven't really given me any reason to worry.

The dr. did say she's concerned about the cyst because it didn't shrink, it grew, and it has "solid components".  That freaks me out.

Okay, I'm rambling again.

Sigh, so many questions...

I appreciate the time you took to help me Cherie.


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Hi, I ended up having a complete hysterectomy but in two parts I begged my Dr to remove my ovaries when they where taking my uterus out, I had andenomyosis (uterus becomes real large and sponge like..painful) so Dr did a DaVinci Robotic assisted hysterectomy..( true defenition of hysterectomy is removal of uterus) (removal of tubes and ovaries is salpingo-Ooperectomy) ...anyways my ovaries hurt alot cause of cysts and I had several trips to Er before finding a new Dr who would take my ovaries out..My one ovary was "good" the other was smothered in endometrial tissue had cysts, and was attached to bowels...so I had to make a choice that you may have to make too (Im 48 was 42 at time of surgery)

I decided to have the surgeon remove my healthy ovary as well as the problem one, my reason was I had soooo much bad luck w female problems I did not want to chance another surgery and it is also difficult to discover ovarian cancer once the uterus is removed ( pap test will only be able to discover vaginal cancer which is very rare) so I just figured why chance it I had my children was near menopause

Now that I know your age you may want to think over some of the things I mentioned , especially w no insurance it would be a good idea for a bit of preventive surgery so you dont have to worry or have another surgery.

Anything is possible but seriously Ive been CL here for 2 years helped hundereds and I really truely think the odds are in your favor, cysts can be cancer but if your CA125 was good I really doubt thats your case also Im sure they did a standard white blood cell count and that woulda been off too.

read on demoid cysts they have solid components are common and are not cancer, so please do know many solid cell cysts are not cancer. also My room mate when I had my ovaries out as well as my cousin both had ovarian cysts the size of a grapefruit,,,they can grow very large,,,my room mate was in her 80s and she did fine w surgery.

When you know surgery date , let me know I have a list of pre and post op hints I will private message you that are very helpful.


btw sounds like you have a very kind caring husband, !
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Hi again Cherie,

Thank you very much for your response.  I immediately felt better and was able to sleep well.  It's funny how my husband can say it'll be find, don't worry, and it does nothing, but someone on the internet tells me, and I feel immediate relief! :)  

At any rate, yes, he's really a sweet heart.  I've been through lots of frogs and there was this prince right in front of me, that I'd ignored for years!  I always went for the bad boys, but I finally woke up and feel so blessed now.

I already have a surgery date.  I just had to decide which surgery to have!  It's scheduled for January 12th, so it's a whole month away!  Now that I know I have to have surgery, I wish I could do it now and get it over with!!  I guess that's another thing I can say - she must not be too worried about it being something serious or I don't think she'd wait a month.

As it stands now, I'm leaning toward having a laparotomy and having her take uterus, ovaries and all.  That could change in the next hour.  That's what I've been doing is see-sawing back and forth!

Cherie, the world is a better place in it for having people like you who take the time to help others.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate that you are helping me.  Thank you.

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I had a DaVinci hysterectomy on June 6, 2011. I was wondering if I should be soooo bloated. I feel like im 9 mths pregnant and ready to burst. The pain from bloating is becoming unbearable. Can anyone help? And the lower back pain is unbeleivable.
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