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Pelvic pain after a hysterectomy

I had a LAVH with everything removed.  It is now 12 months since my surgery and I continue to have pelvic pain on a daily basis.  When I am up on my feet it gets worse.  Also sex is extrememly painful now whereas before surgery never had any problems.  Wondering what could be wrong?
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has anyone experienced these problems after a hyst.?
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I just did a Google search to see if it made a difference whether you had an abdominal surgery (hysterectomy) or a LAVH. It seems, according to some of the google hits that showed up, that you might have fewer surgical adhesions after a LAVH but that technically they don't really discriminate.

For a very informative explanation of just what adhesions are, I suggest WebMD, which I just found after my google search (my search was, "Surgical adhesions after LAVH surgery." It is the best explanation of adhesions that I've ever read.

I was wondering if you might be suffering from surgical adhesions. I had them and they were terrible. I got Extremely lucky when an exercise instructor heard of my pain and offered to help. I'll be eternally grateful. I wrote about my experience and I'll let you know how to find that information.

If you click on my name (or picture) it will take you to my profile. Find my journal articles (there are only three as of now) and find my information on Surgical adhesions and how I got relief. I mention in the journal entry that you should ask your doctor before attempting this type of serious, deep massage that you do on your own.... I didn't check with my doctor since I was told he could only help me by doing surgery on the adhesions which, I was told, would just lead to more adhesions. Not meaning to complain about my doctor, a very good guy, but this territory is somewhat of a mystery as I found out. He was very interested in what I'd done to take care of the problem.

Please let me know if you have trouble finding the information and I will post it here. Best of luck and I hope this helps you out...

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