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Periods after hysterectomy?

I saw my obgyn today and was told in order to relieve my menstrual cramping the next step would be a laparoscopic hysterectomy.  I had an oblation 2 years ago and it wasn't helping anymore.  I was wondering if i will still get my period, he said he would be leaving my ovaries in.
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Don't believe it!!!  I had a partial hysterectomy in May 2010 and I've been having a period every month since then.  I'm so frustrated.  Now the doctor is telling me that since I didn't have my cervix removed, this is the cause to those periods.  He's trying to tell me that bleeding after a hysterectomy is "normal"  I'm looiking for another doctor.
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If your uterus is removed then no, you will not have any more periods. How bad is the cramping and does your obgyn know the cause? Having a hysterectomy is permanent. Talk to your Dr about every other option before considering this surgery.   Remar
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