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Please Help!!!!!

I need any info i can get on should i or shouldn't I start hormones. I am 32 and I am 10 days Post Op from a Lapriscopic Vaginal Hysterecomy and i go back next week to see my Doc and I want to be well prepared on what i should be talking to him about at this appointment. My Mom had a radical hysterecomy 2 years ago and she is stongly urging me to start Hormomes. PLEASE HELP!!
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I am assuming you had both ovaries removed, right? Even if you did keep an ovary or if you kept both of them, you might still be considering hormonal replacement since the blood flow to the utererus is cut off from the ovaries and so they often will atrophy, according to some of the research I have done, and so your hormone production from the ovaries is less than optimal. But, if you did have your ovaries removed, I am from the school of thought that your doctor should have placed a patch of estradiol on you before you left the hospital.

May I ask what you had the surgery for? I know things can get tricky when endometriosis is involved because you don't want any left over endo to start growing again from supplemental estradiol, but there is a ton of info out there on ways to combat that and still be on the supplementation. I was able to get rid of surgical adhesions by doing a super-deep massage (I posted that story on my journal pages of my profile) and I often wonder if I was able to catch any lingering endo by doing that massage since I had some endo when they did my radical hysterectomy due to the previous removal of a cancerous cyst on my right ovary a month before the big surgery. Adhesions and endometriosis are all considered adhesions as far as I understand.

I would not be stringing a sentence together without my estradiol and my testosterone.

I included some information that has helped me on my journal pages.

Take care,

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Hi Mary,

I had a fibroid mass in my uterus. They first thought it was on my left ovary but my doctor did the ultrasound and found it in or on my uterus. You will have to forgive me i don't know much about all this and everything happened so fast that i feel like i didnt get much of a chance to learn anything. My doctor discussed doing surgery just to remove the mass but he also warned me it can grow back and the possibility of scar tissue as well. I was in alot of pain. I explained to him that i was having very heavy painful periods and that i had a history of ovarian cysts and had even had 2 periods in one month a cpl times. So the original plan was to take everything but he informed me today he left my ovaries. Now i'm trying to find out if i will still have a period since i have my ovaries and if this means that i am still at risk for ovarian cancer & cysts? Its so overwhelming and i have been searching everywhere online for info and cant find anything that i want to know.

Thank You so Much for your time,
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