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Possible uterine cancer

I am 38 and have had several problems for a couple years with my period. Averaging 2 cycles a month. Heavy bleeding with severe cramping. I have 2 children and had my tubes tied 8 years ago.  
My gynecologist recommended ultrasound and cervical and uterine biopsy. Both were extremely painful. Uterine and cervical cancer run in my family very strong with most having hystorectomy, LEEP or endometrial abrasion done.
My question is: my biopsy came back benign on both tests. I want a hystorectomy. My guy oncologists nurse have put me in on the 16th of April for the surgery. I will meet with my doc on 8th to discuss everything.
Am I jumping the gun or making the wrong choice?
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This is a really hard question to answer and I can not imagine having to make the decision because of cancer running in my family. I did have a complete hysterectomy because of severe endometriosis. I wish I would have had another choice but when I had it done I tried the only treatment available and it failed.
Will you be have a complete hysterectomy? If so, and cancer runs in your family your Dr may not let you take hormone therapy. You can have sweating, mood swings, little interest in sex, vaginal dryness. If your Dr does not want you to take hormones you should be able to take Black Cohosh. It really helps with the symptoms after having the surgery. It can be bought over the counter so you can buy it at almost any drug store.
If I can answer any more questions about your surgery please let me know.  
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