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Scared and anxious, 8 days post op and vaginal bleeding

I just can't seem to calm down. One week ago today I had a full abdominal hysterectomy, took everything out and found an endometrioma and severe endometriosis. Was discharged Sunday. I had only a pinkish discharge/spotting from Sunday until yesterday morning when I strained to have a bowel movement. Then I developed bright red bleeding and have had it ever since. It's not a ton, it's not remotely filling up a pad in an hour or anything but it's there every time I wipe and there more after I pee or have a bm. I went to the ER today and the ER doctor did a pelvic exam and said what he could see, everything looked fine, vaginal cuff looked in place, he couldn't see stitches but he said everything looked fine to him though he did see a small amount of blood. Did bloodwork and my red blood cell count is coming up from surgery and that looks good. He then called my surgeon and talked to his assistant. He said the bleeding is normal and not to worry. Didn't recommend a cat scan or ultrasound, just said based on the pelvic exam the ER doctor did coupled with the bloodwork, things are normal and I went home. Follow up on the 9th when I get my staples out.

1) Why am I still so scared? I kind of wish he would have done a cat scan to really rule out internal bleeding or am I just being paranoid?

2) Is it normal to have bright red blood spotting/light bleeding 6 days afterward and what would it be due to if the vagina and vaginal wall look okay?

3) Do you think I can rest knowing that the bloodwork was good, and the pelvic exam looked okay? What can they see with the pelvic exam?

4) Is there a chance I am hemorrhaging higher up and they're missing it?

5) How common is it to bleed after your surgery and it be normal?

6) Why do I spot after a BM and is that normal?

I am freaked out a bit over this blood, I can't convince myself that it's normal right now.
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