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Scared of taking hormones....help!

Hi all...havent been on here in a very long time and could really use some feedback!  Had a total hysterectomy in march of 07 at 37yrs old due to benign ovarain tumors.  had a partial in 05 from the same issue.  Have a family history of ovarian cancer.  My 1st surgery to remove 2 4cm cysts was at the young age of 21.  Had about 7 (i think) laporoscopies by the time I was 30 due to cysts and cervial pre-cancer.
Following the 1st two months of the surgery i was on bioidentical hormones, .025 (i think) of two kinds of estrogen and 50mg of progesterone.  When I ran out...i didnot refill as I had mixed concers about HRT.  Prior to the surgery i was under the care of my Psych. doctor being treated for my adult ADD and depression, taking 45mg of adderrol daily and 10mg of lexapro.  Seemed to being doing fine with that; however, my life turned upside down as my marriage crumbled due to my husbands addictions with alcohol and I fell apart.  7months of seperation, me taking care of the 3kids and my depression was not getting better, so my doc took me off the lexapro and onto 150mg of wellbutrin XL.  I noticed immediately the depression lifted.  Then at the 3rd refill my pharmacy gave me the generic of wellbutrin w/out my knowledge, and i went coo koo!!!!  Started googling, lots of post with complaints of the generic for the same reasons, and i lookd at my bottle and saw it was indeed the generic.  Went off cold turkey and went even more crazy.  Went back to my doc. and he said they've been having problems with the generic wellbutrin, so he put me back on wellbutrin brand, but upped the dosage to the next level of 300mg.  Was on that for 2wks and I started having chest pain with palputaions, went to my family doc. last week and my blood pressure was high, (it has NEVER even been close to high!!)  Have some numbness in my left foot and upper thigh....scary!  Doc is sending me to a cardiologist this monday morning for further tests.  I'm 39 now and recently allowed my husband to come home....now, he's calling me a drug addict...HA what a joke....he has given me an ultimatem that if I dont get off my ADD and all pharmacutecal drugs and dont get on hormone therapy he is leaving me!!  Nov.  will be his 1yr sobriety date, and his sponsor has told him not to make any major decisions, (like divorce) until his 1yr sobriety date.  So unfair, I put up with all his addictions for years and stuck by his side and now he basically is giving me 3months to get it together or he's leaving.
It's not like I can just go off these meds cold turkey when I have 3 small children to take care of!  I was out of my adderrol recently and for 4days experienced MAJOR withdraws and couldnt even get out of bed.  Im so scared and confused right now.  Is it the ADD and wellbutrin meds that are making me lose it or not having any hormones in my body for 2yrs???????
I have an appt.  with my cardiologist monday morning, and a referal appt. with a gyno dr. who specializes in bioidentical and holistic hormone therapy on friday.
I would greatly appreciate any feedback!
Thanks so much-
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If you have not already I think you should post this in the anxiety and relationship and break up forums maybe the heart forum too.I am not qualified to answer much on this except the hrt issues. I do kno and empthisisw what your going through much the same here it stinks . But I say when someone give you lemons make lemonaide !

Ok HRT is often hard to get right most do not on first try. I really believe in it its very contraversial, drs some, will say its the best thing since sliced bread. Others will say it leads to heart and stroke issues. I have studied this the surveys tests done was not on a cross section of ladies. it was done on a group of 60 plus ladies who had a nautral menopause. fact is when your 60 plus your risk of stroke etc rises for many reasons. It has been proven that estrogen is needed to maintain good bone health. do go the bio-identical route. No premarin. I use the vivelle patch but I am gonna add progestrone soon very soon will use a skin creme, body  absorbs this best 90 % .taken in a pill its not as effective.

I wish you well. If I can help more or youd like to talk in private pleas pm me
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Hiya, my names Kerry and Im new to this site also. I dont have any advice about the hormones because I too am having my own problems with them but thats another storey!
I just wanted to say something to you about your husbands demands. You say he was an addict, then if hes attended support groups etc he will have done the 'twelve steps'. One of them is that they should make ammends with people. I dont think making impossible demands on you is making ammends!  I would have thought that he should be trying to support you as you did for him, not trying to give you even more pressure that will make you feel worse. I am close to an addict and although it is admirable that he is trying to sort himself out he has no right to make you feel this way. I think you should put aside what he is demanding and think what you must do that is right for you and your children. If he continues to make such demands I would have to question what gave him the right to put you in that position. I hate to say this but I dont exactly get the impression hes as caring as you or maybe im mistaken. Sorry, if thats the case. Your letter really touched me and I just wanted to say do whats right for you, not for him. If hes said he'll leave you in three months if you dont get off all the medication it sounds to me that hes the sort to go when he wants to regardless! Id remind him of the support you have and are still giving him and hope that he has a change of heart. Im sure if he had to go what youre going through for just one day he would never have made such ridiculous demands. Wishing you all the luck in the world, take care, kerry x
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