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Severe pelvic pain post hysterectomy

Hello, I am in my mid 40's and I am suffering from chronic abdominal pain with intermittent pelvic pain that is severe, it feels initially like a cramp then turns into a pulling/twisting pain that is so excruciating I am screaming and in tears. It lasts for a few seconds then subsides and returns in few mins. It will come on at random times and be happening a few times a week, then just go away completely. I have had a complete hysterectomy 4yrs ago, with a partial ovary being left because it had become attached to my colon. I have never heard of this before and wonder if this could also be causing some of my problems. I have been reading some posts that refer to adhesions after surgery. The hysterectomy was done in two parts and I am wondering if this could be my problem.
Any advice you can offer will great, ty.  
I have been having severe lower abdominal pain/cramping before having a bowel movement. The BM's are also very large and painful. What can I do to help this other than more fiber, drinking more water? I am also having frequent UTI's and am so sick of taking antibiotics. Could the abdominal problems be causing the frequent UTI's?  
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Well something is in need of being taken care of, I have a few theories, I kinda think you have a problem again with the remaining ovary that is attached to bowels, Im rather suprised they did not remove it for this reason...I had ovary covered in endometrial tissue attached to bowel and they removed it to prevent any future problems,

You need to see a specialist of the colon (gastroineterologist) to have some testing done to see whats up with the bowel problems, very likely related to the past hysterectomy.

adhesions and scar tissue are very common after any surgery , especially a pelvic one.

Is the BMs different than before? if this is a change....any change needs to be reported to dr. in the meantime Id advise you to phone your primary care dr and ask their advice if it is ok for you to use a gentle over the counter stool softner. dont use a laxative,,to harsh, increasing water and fiber is good, but you do need to get th a diagnosis of the issue here.

when did the utis start? are you aware of any reason why? are you using bath products like perfumed soaps , bubble baths? these can cause utis...

I think the Utis are possibly related to the problems, but its difficult to say, You need to most likely a lower GI done.

good luck


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I made an appt with my gyno. about the pelvic pain and he believes that I definitely have adhesion's and I am scheduled for outpatient surgery to remove them. I have not been taking as many baths as I was before, no I dont use bubble bath or anything like that my skin is too sensitive for that. Hoping the pain is due to the adhesion's and being attached to my bowel.
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Im very glad you made the appointment and Id bet alot of money ( if I had it LOL) that your problem is indeed adhesions they may very well have to remove the ovary, its do-able..drs consider it risky cause one nick to the bowel and you run high risk of sepsis, but a skilled surgeon will not nick the bowel, they have removed growths to the bowel before,

Are you asking for a laproscopic surgery,,,Id advise it less scarring less invasive as a pelvic cut.


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Yes its non invasive, outpatient surgery. I am looking forward to relief.
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Hi, I am brand new to this group and I really need some help...In a nutshell, I am 44 years old, I had a history of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and an eventual complete hysterectomy in summer 05'.  My history includes numerous pelvic surgeries before the hyst.  I had major problems with the hyst, I developed a hematoma, and almost bled to death, had to recieve blood, then got out of hospital a week later, only to have to have a general surgeon take me back to surgery 4 weeks later, as the hematoma would not quit draining(I was going thru a box of Kotex a day, as that was the only way to control the fluid leaking out of the incision). During the 2nd surgery, the fluid was drained and the incision packed. It was awful!!  My ob/gyn kept ignoring me, so that is why I was sent to a general surgeon by his associate while he was on VACATION!!  Well, I have been in constant pain since 05' and I have a new dr, as I now live in another state, I am being referred to a general surgeon for adhesions, but is there a chance that this surgeon will say NO to the surgery? I have also been having bowel problems lately as well.  Do you think he surgery will be approved? What is the average hospital stay for a case like mine, or for adhesion surgery? Please help???  I have also been exersizing more, and am only comfortable when I lay flat on my back. I can't sit at the computer for a long period either..Thank You.
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