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Total hysterectomy

I was reading another womens story about itching after her hysterectomy i also have that same problem and i also dont take harmones. I believe it does have to do with the hysterectomy, does any one else have this problem?
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I had itching right after surgery but that was because they gave me something I was allergic to.  You want o be sure you are not having a reaction to anythin you are on first.  Try some benadryl, its better known as anti itch pill! It also comes in cream. :)
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Itching is definitely a hormonal situation where menopause is concerned.

I have a ton of information on hormones on my profile. Click on my Blue name. Consider editing a profile, too...it is most helpful.

I just posted on skin problems related to menopause/hysterectomy to another poster.

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