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Uterine polyp

Hi I have been diagnosed with an uterine polyp. My dr. says surgery is the treatment. What are the risks if it is left as it is ?
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The risk of no treatment is polyp ca grow and new ones can be created akso, real possible problem...is they can prolapse into vagina...even to the outside of vagina..I am sure you know how that would elimanate sex life and be quite painful.

Ask your Dr if a lap surgery is possible, or transvaginal....I would refuse a abdominal incision for this.

good luck

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Why does your doctor say you have to have surgery for a uterine polyp? I just got back a report yesterday of a transvaginal ultrasound and it says I have a mass protruding into my uterine lining,suggestive of a polyp. It doesn't say how big it is and they don't say I should have a biopsy. I had my first transvaginal ultrasound in the Fall of 2006 because my internist gave me a prescription for it because I had spoting in between  my period since The Fall of 2005 at age 40 and a half.

In July 2008 endometrial cells were found on my pap test so I had  to have a uterine biopsy in September 2008 and it was normal.In December 2008 I had another transvaginal ultrasound and it said I had somewhat thickening of my uterine lining and a really small fibroid but no polyp reported.Now I have 2 small fibroids and what they said is suggestive of a polyp.My uterine lining is reported to be somwhat thick again but I got my period 2 days after this recent vaginal ultrasound.My mother died in September 1985 of a rare endometrial cancer,squamas cell at stage 4 after only 4 months of being diagnosed with it in both of her lungs.

I was  told by so many gynecologists including an oncology gynecologist I saw at Fox Chase Cancer Center in February 2009,that they never heard of uterine cancer being genetic.Yet some cancer teatment and prevention organizations like THe Women's Cancer Network and the web site of the hospital where my mother died,do say that family history,having a mother or sister with it is an increased risk for getting it. I also have never been pregnant and never took any birth contro pills either and this is a risk too,not being pregnant is also a risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

I'm really worried now and the gynecology nurse who just told me about this polyp says they are usually benign but they can't know for sure without a biopsy or D&C which I'm terrified to have,I'm terrified to even ever have a colonoscopy for irritable bowel pain,because I'm terrified of being put to sleep.
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Did you ever get a biopsy or anything done to check into the polyp?  I just discoverd that I have thick endo  lining, and fluid in endometrial canal and a polyp type lesion in my uterus, and they are requiring further tests to assess it more.  The first is just a hysterosonogram...an ultrasound where they infuse saline into your uterus so they can get a better look to determine if it's worrisome or not.  You don't have to be sedated or asleep at all for this test.  Have you had that done ??  Have you had a CA 125 blood test done ...another test that could help without putting you to sleep.  It's just with your history, symptoms, and ultrasound findings, it's so important to make sure it's not cancer.  (which is always the less likely outcome, but still so important to rule out)
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A CA125 is a simple blood test..good idea to ask for one...and true that most as in upper 90% polyps/fibroids are begnine...they do usually cause pain though so advisable to treat.
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Hi cherie my friend,

Polyps and fibroids often have *no* symptoms unless they get really big!
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I don't have any symtoms,and the CA 125 is really only to test for Ovarian cancer.
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