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Has anyone had a vaginal Hysterectomy and how did it go for you? What was the pain like?and how did your healing process go?Mines coming up soon just wondering about others thats had this type done?

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My hyst was vaginal and was assisted with the laparoscope (LAVH).  I don't have much time right now and I don't feel too great (bad headache and dizzy) right now but I will come back and answer your questions as soon as I can. :)
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Oh sweetie take care of yourself first its no problem .Was just wondering what the differences would be.Thank you for taking the time to leave me a messege.Feel better soon sweetie.

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Okay, let me see what I can tell you.

My hyst was a laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy with the removal of both tubes and ovaries.  My ovaries were removed because I had my hyst for chronic pelvic pain related to endometriosis and adenomyosis and the estrogen from my own ovaries would keep feeding any endo that couldn't be removed or seen during my surgery.  The HRT isn't enough to feed anything that couldn't have been found.

There was pain but it wasn't too bad.  I had 3 small incisions for the laparoscope and of course the one in my vagina.  Compared to my 3 c-sections, the pain wasn't as bad.
The first week was bad, the second was much better.

I did have a lot of gas pain by my 3rd post op day.  I was also constipated but once I was able to have a BM it was much better.

By 3 weeks, the incisional pain was better as long as I didn't over do it.  But around 4 weeks, I did start having a lot of phantom cramping that lasted until about 8 weeks post op.  My doctor told me it was from them stitching the ligaments that used to hold the uterus to my vagina to keep my vagina from prolapsing.  

Now, I feel so much better as far as my pelvic pain.  The only time I was pain free like this was during my pregnancies.

My incisions (skin) were healed by 2 weeks.  AT my 6 week check up, I still had stitches up in my vagina but sometimes it takes a while for them to come out all the way.

HUbby and I did have relations a couple of days after my 6 week check up and it wasn't comfortable.  It does get better but sometimes it can take a little while for any discomfort to go away around the vaginal incision.

If there is anything else you need/want to know, let me know!
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