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What I should ask the GYN surgeon when I see him tomorrow

I am suppose to have my uterus taken out January 6th, that is what me and the doctor talked about before.  Should I talk to the Surgeon tomorrow about since I need to be put fully to sleep because I was sexually abused to even go through a Pap smear if it would be wise to remove my cervix too and also he was talking about that he will do it laproscopic but I feel better if he could do it as an open procedure with a bigger incision so he can see what he is doing better since I am 36 years old, and I am obese I am only 5'3" and weigh about 240lbs and ask him if he can still do the surgery if I have my period at the time because my surgery is scheduled for January 6th and that is about the time of month I start my period what do you think are the possiblities that if I ask him to do it as an open procedure rather than how he wants to do it he will do it the way I want it done.
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I'm sorry I can't help you with most of your questions, but I'm hoping someone here will be able to.  My surgery is scheduled for Jan. 12th, and she gave me the option of having it laprascopically or cut bigger (laparotomy) because I don't have insurance, and laparotomy is cheaper because it's usually faster.

My heart goes out to you.  I am also a childhood sexual abuse survivor.

Best of luck and lots of hugs.

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Hi I am sooooo glad I saw your post ..first Im really sorry that you were abused that makes having female surgereis exams so much harder.

I really want to try to help you understand and persuade you that a laproscopic surgery is actually waaaayyyyy better than a trans abdomonal cut..there is also a new procedure called the DaVinci Robotic Assisted hysterectomy,,,drs can really see better with a laproscopic surgery...this is what happens,,they make four incisions about 1/4 inch one always at the top of navel and three at different spots on abdomen,,usually one left one righ one near pubic hair line...anyways they put steel long rods into these incisions,,,then insert gas which bloats the abdomen up,,,they can insert a scope ( tiny camera which is visable on comuter screen imigaing in the er, ( they can use eye piece to see directly too )
this picks up so much of a better view then cutting from hip to hip..moving organs around,,,etc a transabdominal hysterectomy is MUCH more invasive, has more risks for bleeding incision infection etc....

thelap has less blood loss, easier to heal as incision are so much smaller. drscan do very precise cauterisations/sutures internally too.

As for choosing to have cervix removed or not there are two schools of thought...1. keeping it prevents organ prolapse (like bladder dropping down)

other thought is if you have it out you will never have to worry about cervical cancer and since your already under anestesia it would be a good time to do it...I choose to have my cervix removed...but its really something you must think of..if there is any history of cervcial cancer or any female cancer in your family you should let Dr know this.

good luck...any more questions Im here for you..pm me any time or repost here I try to check once a day but I promise at most Im on here every other day.

big hugs to the both of you ( debbie too)

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