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So my OB-GYN tells me I need to have a hysterectomy and my spouse and I have decided not to have children, so we went ahead and signed the papers and I have a surgery date of May 31st. Here's the thing, though, we never really discussed what to expect; before, during, and after the surgery.

Can anyone help me out?

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Are you getting a vaginal/laproscopic hyster or an abdominal hyster?  
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I have no idea. I think he said vaginally unless he can't reach it or something and then he will go abdominally (if that's even a word, lol). What is laproscopic? I believe the reason why he may have problems is because I have "Situs Inversus Totalis" where all of my organs are reversed (ie. my heart is on my right side as oppose to the left) so I think my uterus is also misplaced.

I just want to know what to expect before the surgery and after, too. I read that I should be on bed rest for 6 weeks even if I feel better sooner, and that I'll get night sweats. I'd like to know what my Hubby should expect, too. I'm sure he'd like to know what were getting into, too.

Thanks for replying  :)
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The recovery time will depend on which surgical procedure you will get.  I got an abdominal hysterectomy which involves a longer recovery time; I was off work for 12 weeks only because my work involved lifting; I am an RN.  My ovaries were not removed.
Pain was really the only issue after surgery, but it was not terrible.  During surgery, well, I was out and experienced no complications.  Months later, I noticed I gained quite a bit of weight.  I never really had a weight problem until I had my hyster.  I have to work hard to keep it off.  

There is nothing that I have ever read suggesting you should be on bedrest for 6 weeks unless your physician has ordered this, and I can't imagine him doing so unless you have complications.  I was up the next day walking in the halls of the hospital per my physician after the hyster and discharged in 72 hours.  I did have lifting restrictions though.  The night sweats can occur before or after having a hyster; not all women experience this.  I didn't have any night sweats after surgery though.  I couldn't drive for 2 weeks after.  I had to wear an abdominal binder.  I wore the binder for about 12 weeks or longer; can't recall that part too well.  

The best person to ask what to expect before and after the hysterectomy is your physician performing the procedure because he knows your case better than I or anyone else.  Your physician should give you and your hubby a thorough explaination of what he is going to do and projected expectations.  Please make sure you understand and have all your questions answered by your physician before agreeing to this.  I always encourage my patients not to sign any consent until they totally understand and agree with what the physician wants to do.  

Hysterectomy experiences are so varied.  What happened to me doesn't necessarily mean that will be your experience; trust me.  Most of the women in my family had to have a hyster and all of our stories are different.  It is impossible to predict what your actual outcome will be.  

You husband can assume he will have to help you get around and do most of the housework and cooking while you recover.  Alot of husbands are more curious how sexual activity will be after and once again one can't predict that either.  

All the best.  
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