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What to do, what to do?

Well Im 47 years young going on 48 in july. My ob/gyn has been there for me since age 16. He is wonderful. However, I have been keeping an eye on my fibroids since like 1990. They keep growing in clusters inside the lining of my walls. The vaginal ultrasounds shows that my uterus is 10.5 cm. by 10 cm by 7 cm i think. Well its a grapefruit i think. They were quarter sizes. Anyway I dont want anymore kids i had a laproscopic tubal ligation in 1986. But here's the deal.. I keep bleeding heavy every month almost unbearable. I go through a bag of those Stay free overnights every month (28 thick pads). I wont use tampons. After my thyroid went bad in 1991- then 1995 RAI) I have gained 100 + pounds. I weigh 314 currently. So my gyn says my surgery is riskier due to my weight and me not willing to accept a blood transfusion (religious reasons).  I need that darn uterus out. He wants to remove my ovaries too. Which will throw me into menopause. YET i missed one period and he thinks i am perimenopausal and says if we wait and observe then i possibly could avoid the surgery because they will eventually shrink w/o the blood to keep them growing. hmmm.. He doesnt suspect cancer and says besides my weight im in fair health. Every month I get scared of the clots and bleeding. I dont know why my doctor is so hesitant and he has very good bedside manners and is a top notch gynocologist. So, I assume he knows what he is doing and i trust him. He wants me to sign papers saying no blood transfusion. I understand his point of view. He explained to me the proceedure and that he has to do a longer surgery and recovery and the uterus is deeper because of my size. I cant have laproscopic or vaginal hysterectomy. I am anemic. My Hemo is 10.9 - 11.2 sometimes...  but it was down as low as 9.0 at one point. I take ferrous sulfate 325 mcg daily.
I dont want to wait until it becomes a dire strait emergency. YET I am scared of the surgery and possibly dying. Sometimes i feel i could die bleeding so much. I never had heavy periods until i hit my mid 30's. grrrrrrrr....... No cramps much just bleedding. its messy. Like day one is light. Day 2 heavy day 3 EXTREMELY HEAVY day 4 heavy day 5 medium day 6 medium to light day 7 light and usually i am exhausted and done. My cycle runs every 26 days faithfully. No bleeding in between nor anything "unusual".  What do you suggest? Should i wait or go for it? Im trying to lose weight in the meantime. thank you.

I had 2 normal healthy pregnancies and 1 miscarriage. I had a D & C. Other than that no female problems but these fibroids.

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My opinion is that I would never advise someone to have a surgery if they refuse to have transfussions and the doctor may think they may be needed. But that is just my opinion. I think this is something you really need to talk out with your doctor and I would suggest you get a second opinion.
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If you are bleeding that hard, and you are finished having children and you are most to menopause I would seriously think about having the hysterectomy.  If you can hang in there until you have gone thru menopause I would do that.  You have to weight the pro's and con's.  Its the best thing I ever did and I think 98% of all women who have had hysterectomy will tell you the same thing. Good luck.  Also you don't have to wait if you keep your ovaries. Have it doen, you will be glad you did........it takes many weeks to recover from the tiredness but it is way worth it!
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If you are not willing to have blood if you should need it, I would have to advise you against surgery of any kind.  Thats your choice, but I would not have surgery were I you and have these ideas. No.
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YOU said your religion would not allow you to have a blood transfusion.  So I said if thats the case you should not have the surgery, because thats a big question they will ask prior to your surgery honey. I am sorry you did ot understand that.  Take a deep breath.
By the way I may well have medical credentials and how would you know?  You are very rude. I was trying to help you.  Maybe you should try mental health board dear.
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Sorry just had to put my 2 cents in - LOL

YOU are turning it into a religious discussion - everyone can see that. I can also see this wasn't the only post where you stirred things up a bit.

You said there are **"countless others that do NOT believe in Blood Transfusions what would die under your regime. lol"**.....  WELL, others WITHOUT blood transfusions would ALSO die.

You said **"IF it is at the point of me needing blood or die... I choose death"** ..... if so, and you have children and a husband, you would leave them behind and rather choose death?

You said **"FYI isnt there any medical doctors that are qualified to answer my questions on these forums? I dont want lay persons with no medical credentials. thank you."**..... YES there are medical doctors on these forums - Go to the "Ask the Doctor" forums. You were the one that posted in THIS forum to the "Medical Community" not the "Ask the Doctors" forum, so why be so rude?
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Thanks Princess, I meant to mention Expert Board and forgot.  You make some very valid points also.
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