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cyst left adnexal area

Hx of abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salingoophorectomy  in 1995  having abdominal discomfort with extreme fatigue upper endoscopy normal cbc general panal including amylase lipase normal upper abdominal ultrasound . Had cat scan with contrast  showed 2.2 cm cyst in adnexal area. transvaginal ultrasound done Reading Simple cyst  structure left adnexal region measuring 2.4x1.8x1.7cm Remainder of exam unremarkable etiology of cyst unclear.  postoperative collection is possible. Cyst of other etiology is can not be excluded. I am terrified of this as i have not been feeling well and not reason has been found. can a simple cyst as described be cancer  I have had multiple surgeries for lysis of adhesions prior to above surgery in 1995 due to endomertriosis and ovarians cysts{grapefruit size} I am 49 yeats old took HRT briefly Please help
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sorry, the CT impression was adnexal lesion, not cyst.
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I just returned from the Dr and my adnexal cyst of 2.8 x 2.1 x 2.7 that was incitendally found on my MRI was just one of my routine cysts I get from polycystic ovaries.
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Hi welcome to the hyster forum, Ive been leader here for quite a while and I really hope to give you some knowledge to enpower you,There are lots of different diagnosis of an adnexal mass's lesions of infectious origin, such as a hydrosalpinx, (water collection in the tubes) abscess from PID; all types of cysts; endometriomas; both benign and malignant neoplasms(new growths), and masses originating in organs or tissuesclosest to the adnexa(what anatomy is near such as bowel, kidney etc pancrease and spleen are left too but higher) . to arrivie at the most probable diagnosis your age plays into factor, the familyhistory, your testing and screens will need to be analysed by experts.

What I am about to say are only possibilitys, remember Im not a dr and nowhere near able to diagnosis, just wishing to help , hopefully not terrify, but Id like to see you be prudent in getting care for this,
Malignant adnexal lesionscan sometimes include both primary ovarian carcinoma and metastatic disease from the uterus, breast or gastrointestinal tract.
Nonmalignant causes can  ovarian fibromas, leiomyomas and diverticular abscesses. Lets hope its one of these, odds are in your favor it is,

do please get help and be insistant on a diagnosis you deserve it, dont let the drs put you off, its important to advocate strongly for self.
Big hugs, please be in touch w me. I wont be on line tommrow but I shall look for you thursday.

Cherie...ps you may ask me anything you wish.
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