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full hysterectomy at 22

hi i had a tumour at the age of ten which surrounded my first ovary so i had to get it removed.  Since that time ive had multiple operations due to endemritous and at the age of 18 the same tumour came back on my last remaining ovary but they managed to save 10% of my ovary but was told i could never conceive.  I was heart broken but at the age of 21 i fell pregnant and had a beatuiful healthy baby boy who is now, he is my miracle.  When i was 22 i was in that much pain with the remaining ovary i had to make a heartbreaking decision to get a full hysterectomy which tore my life upside down, i was told i had to be hormone replacement threapy for the rest of my life, i am now 26 and going through the menopause but it has never helped me its made me a million times worse my moods are so low al the time an i feel like ive the body of a 90 year old woman.  I hope someone can read this story and help me and advise me what the best option for me is i would appreciate any help as i feel as if my life is over
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Oh you poor "girl." I had a hysterectomy at age 49 and it was devastating then! It sounds like you are not on an adequate form or dose of estrogen. The hormone loss (especially estrogen and possibly testosterone) after ovary removal can cause all kinds of health issues and make us feel like we are 90. These include depression, anxiety, loss of interest in life, blunted emotions, joint pain, loss of muscle mass, blurry vision, fragmented sleep, memory and cognition loss, aging skin and hair, the list goes on and on. The ovaries produce hormones into a woman's 80's.

I was in a miserable state - did not want to live any more - while I was on the highest dose patch. It evidently did not give me a consistently high enough estrogen level to improve most of my symptoms. The generic Estrace tablet (a $4 Rx) has worked MUCH better for me. I insert mine vaginally versus taking orally so it does not go through my liver.

Hopefully, your doctor will work with you to try out some other types of estrogen. And some women find that taking testosterone helps too. But it is best to get settled on estrogen before adding any other hormones. I hope this helps! Let us know how you are doing as you tweak things.
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thank u for writing back to me, i just feel like im the only one on the planent who is going through this, ive yet to find a girl my age who is going through the menopause.  Yea i have all them symptons  u mentioned i dont feel like a woman anymore, i feel like im taking hrt to make me a woman but yet i feel so down all the time.  Im going to the hrt clinic this week so im going to ask them to try new hrt, ive heard of the hrt implant so maybe this would be a good thing for me
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HRT implant may be a good option if they will give you a high enough d5osage of estrogen especially with the first few implants since you have probably been estrogen deficient for awhile. 25 to 50 mg estrogen would seem reasonable to start.
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yea im on zumenon 5mg 2 tabs a day and they r not helping me at all and i fee they dont listen everytime i see my hormone doctor, just wish they would understand how im feeling especially at such a young age but im seein them on friday so fingers crossed
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Hi i went to hrt clinic and they have put me on testerone, and if this doesnt work then they will give me the implant so fingers crossed
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So the testosterone was not an implant? What form is it? If I recall, there is a testosterone patch for women in the UK. We do not have any approved / commercial testosterone products for women here in the U.S. which is a shame.

Some of the testosterone will probably convert to estrogen but you will probably need more estrogen than that. I assume you are still taking the zumenon for now? Since there are so many estrogen / HRT options and every woman reacts differently to the various forms and dosages, it is a travesty that they let you suffer all this time without letting you try something else since the zumenon obviously is/was not much help.  
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its a tesetrone gel they have me on but im only allowed to use a fifth of the tube each day, havent noticed a change yet but its only been a week so hopefully ill notice something.   Yea im stil on my zumenon but they are seeing me in 3 months again so im glad they are finally starting to take me seriously
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Did they do blood work to check your estrogen and testosterone levels? If not, ask for them when you go back. That will tell if / how much of the hormones you are absorbing as well as producing on your own. Some women are told their levels are "fine" only to find out that they are at the low end of normal and need more to feel good. So be involved in your care and push for what you think you need.
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