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hormone replacement therapy

Im reading a lot of advice against the use of hormone replacement therapy, but the studies I have researched report that its the combination of progesterone and estrogen that is bad for you, and that estrogen alone may actually decrease the risk of breast cancer. My question then is has anybody else read any studies similar?
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Yes,,my own doctor showed me such a study ,,thats how he convinced me to use an estrogen hrt patch,,,I use Vivelle and am quite happy with it,,,My gyno claims the "old" studies where not a good scientific study,,,he says it was all post menopausal women and that made the study biased. A good study is double blind and a good cross section of women ,,some of differnent ages and ethnic backgrounds .

I personally would advise anyone to do a lot of homework on this ...also  IF you smoke please quit,,,its not a good combo with hrt,,,One more positive thing about estrogen is it is claimed to actually decrease your rate of bone density loss which is a very important issue..

Tinarn...I am going to try and find the sorces for some of this information and either make and post a journal page about it,,,Mary 53 has a good page somewhere about bio identicals and I believe she posted her sorces...I will have to do that for you this weekend ...if you come up with any more  questions please let me know,,,

One thing you may consider is just trying the estrogen ( I like the patch) and if you dont find it improves your mood, vaginal lubrication sex drive etc...or you have hesitation about it you could always stop taking it..talk to your gyno,,,
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i had a hyster when i was 23  they took everything , went on hormones the worst thing i could ever done, i was on the 10 years but in te 10 years i had to have my gall bladder removed and breast surgery because of them, i would do the natural stuff first try it if it dont work than go on them if you have to , i took the lowest you can take and it caused me a lot of problems.
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