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When I was 18 I gave birth to twin daughter. I hemoriged and they could not stop the bleeding so they gave me a partial hysterectomy, leaving my ovaries still intact. Visiting a Dr. the other day about some concerns about depression and anxiety issues she put me on a small dose of Premarin 0.03 a very low dose. Well I have read some stuff that is good and bad about it! Can anyone share with me anything about this medication.. I will not take it till I am sure it will work!
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bio identical is stil a med but more close to natural hormones..YES anxiety and lack of hormones are connected...they dont help each other thats a certain.  However that being said I would advise you to seek your general practioners advice regarding the anxiety,,,you can ask for meds, or you can seek therapy where you learn self help techniques such as deep breathing and visualisation or you can do both..I think both would be best at first when you learn to help your self you can discpntiue meds..also get on some bio identicals asap....((((hugs))))) cherie
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Thank you for the info.. I am so scared to take this med, ive had my thyroid checked and that is normal I do however suffer from severe panic anxiety attacks. Do you think that my hormonal inbalance can be contrubited to this.???? I will indeed look up bio-idnetical hormones i would love to go natural if at all possible.. thank you for your advice!

Sue Ann
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Hi there Jay checked your profile, I have a few thoughts at 43 there is a good chance your perimenopausal. Also many many times when just the uterus is removed the functioning of the ovaries for what ever reason decreases.
Have you had a full check up for other things such as thyroid function?

Your doctor may be right about your need for estrogen. It helped my mood and hotflashes etc...However,,,this is my personal opinion...many on here feel the same . After answering the question what type of hormone replacement is best? many times I stick by my answer Bio-Identical,,,big difference...Premarin is an older form of estrogen it is truely made form the urine of a horse..Please read up on do searches on " bio-identical hormones"  ask your doctor his or her opinion on your next visit...or call for a sooner appointment if concerned....((hugs))) Cherie

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