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hysterectomy and adhesions

i have abdominal adhesions with a possible hysterectomy. i also have fibromyalgia depression and anxiety and a chestnut size nodule benign so far on my thyroid gland. how will they do all this. won't i get more adhesions. the pain of fibromyalgia with all of this will be unbearable. i am postmenopausal . i am a caregiver for my mother. i need to help her please help me. did anyone have these issues. thank you everyone.
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I'm sorry, but I'm a little confused. Have you already had the surgery, or are you getting ready to have it?
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the gyn dosen't want to do a hysterectomy on me because i have lots of adhesions from previous abdominal surgeries. so i have to have another transvaginal ultrasound in 3 months. i have been have these ultrasounds every 2-3 months since june 2011. he stated the ovarian cyst can disappear and the thickened endometrium can shrink. it has got slightly thinner but it is still thickened and i still have the ovarian cyst which is the same size. he stated my risk of ca is low. i am so tired of all of this. plus i now have a chestnut size thyroid nodule benign it was biopsied and they are monitoring this in 6 months. help
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