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im back, with a question

Hello all, So I had a hysterectomy 5 months ago. I just start having pain and feeling bloated. It's the same type of pain I would have if I was on my period but worse. Is this normal or what else could it be?

Thanks in advance
Tiffany Marlowe
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Hi Tiffany. You did have a complete hysterectomy which includes removal of your ovaries. So, it could'nt be that your still ovulating. Sorry to ask this but are you having any problems with bowel movements? That could be a cause for the bloating and pain. If that has'nt been a problem for you then it's time to see your Dr to find out what's going on.
Hopefully Cherie will pop on here and give you more advice. I know she's been helping you through all of this. Take care. Remar
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I dont know what it could be,,,Remar may be on right track w bowels..It could be endo tissue wrapped around jst about anything in pelvic cavity or......it could be a different problem completley unrelated to hyster.

Hows you blood pressure? Edema can effect that, edema is not to be ignored...start with your gyno...then see your pcp,,,,but please dont let this go unresolved

If your pain worsens to a 8 or more, you should bleed, fever develops, or just if you have a strong instinct....go to the er.

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Maybe you should post this in the urogynecological forum also....you could well have a prolapse..not at all uncommon after a hysterectomy. It would be the bladder prolapsing into vaginal cavity...NOT trying to scare you. Just know the leader f that forum is on her toes and you should investigate this possibility.
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thank you to both ladies I will look into everything that both of you said...once again thank for the help.
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