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laproscopic hysterectomy info please

I am 51, have cysts on both ovaries, have a large fibroid and a larger nab-cervical cyst, my endometrial stripe is 14.  I also have chronis liver disease and tremendous symptoms related to that condition.  I was hoping I could find someone who has had the procedure and had some before / after input??? anybody....my Mom had ovarian cancer in her late 40's.

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Hey lanier, you can go to my profile and read my journals about what I've gone through.  I had the daVince Robotic Laproscopic Complete Hyster on April 18th.  I was SO FREAKED OUT I almost canceled 2 weeks before surgery.  I had many problems since 2006 and had all you seem to be encountering.  Plus the last US showed a solid mass the size of a tangerine.  I'm HAPPY to report to you that MANY, MANY, MANY WOMEN encounter these things and walk away CANCER FREE just like I did.  Just focus on your surgery and all you need to do to get ready.  :)  I'll be MORE THAN HAPPY TO HELP YOU WITH ANY AND ALL QUESTIONS you may have.

My NUMBER ONE ADVICE.........  Get satin sheets as it REALLY HELPS with the getting in and out of bed.  IT TRULY WAS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I learned and did and will continue to pass on.  ALSO........go to Walmart and get yourself a small/tiny lap size Pillow to KEEP IN THE CAR after you have surgery to put between you and the set belt.  IT'S A WONDERFUL RIDE HOME WITH THIS PILLOW.  

Write me sometime and I'll fill you in on ALL THE ADVICE I have to give that made my experience a good one.  

Best Wishes and keep us posted.  When is your surgery??????  We want to be thinking about you when you have it done.  

Blessings, Sharon :)
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Hi lanier-I just had the Davinci laparascopic hysterctomy the 29th of April. It went very easy and I was released from the hospital after breakfast the day after surgery. I think I have probably been doing a little too much and am frustrated by how tired I get and some pain where my small incisions are located-and some shooting pain in my left side when I try to get out of bed or make sudden moves. I go Thursday the 15th for my two week follow up and have a raft load of questions-I, for one, would sure like to hear more from lady452008 about her ongoing recovery!



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