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major depression after ovary removal

Please can someone let me know if thay have been diagnosed with a major clinical depression after having a BSO. I am now 10 1/2 weeks post-op, and am basically having a mental breakdown. I am on hormone replacement (for 3 weeks), anti depressants, and am now under the care of a psychologist. This has all happened after being realeased from hospital with no HRT, follow up by surgeons and being on mega pain relief, then nothing. I also haven't smoked since the day I was admitted to hospital, so that was a big change, as I was a very heavy smoker.
My new Dr believes the op was the final straw in a long line of stressful situations, but I'm the one people are normally around for a laugh, and I just can't lift this big black cloud. I would love to know if anyone else has experienced this, and how they got on top of it.
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Hi..I am so sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time.

theres two things I would like to explain or suggest to you.
1. A hysterectomy is difficult to "get over" some women have a bit of trauma or post operation depressions or crying spells etc.

2. about HRT and anti depressants..for both meds it can be difficult to get the right amt or right med..everyones chemistry is a bit different..please phone dr ask him if you could try a different hrt and or anti depressant.

also remember this surgery threw you right into a medically induced menopause...usually menopause is a slow gradual thing..alowwing the body to adjust better.

good for you on the smoking..do not start back...but its possible stopping so quickly is hard on your body, I have heard when I was in hospital that quitting smoking ( the nicotine) is almost as hard as quitting herion on the body..are you using a nicotine patch or chewing nicorite gum...ask your dr may help

Good luck

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I realise I haven't been on all these meds together for 4 weeks yet, which is the minimum preferred time they would like to see how they go, so I am just hanging in there a bit longer, and really concentrate on my breathing techniques etc etc, to see how I go. I am very harsh on myself and have always been, so just need to take the time and really focus on everything I am being taught to help me cope, instead of panicking, about everything I feel I am not doing. I must admit, I really really just feel like having a smoke, which is what I would normally do when stressed, but while I resist the urge, it is one thing I feel I can at least control about myself at the moment. I know some of your own struggles have been huge compared to mine, and I should be grateful, and focus on the good stuff.
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