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the truth about a hystorectomy please

i am due for my operation in 4 weeks. i have got my head round the fact of a major operation but i want someone to tell me what it is really like afterwards.

people keep telling me it ok you will get on with it but not what it is really like i.e the pain the emotions. What can you and what can you not do sounds stupid but can you have a bath straight afterwards or do you have to wait.

i am 28 years ols with two kids and live with me hubby but i am always the one in charge that dose everythink arranges everythink its going to be so hard for me to let someone look after me x
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Yes, it is major surgery. There's going to be pain but you will receive pain medication to keep it under control.
You can have a shower after surgery, probably not the same day of course, but the next day.
For 6 weeks you should not lift anything, take stairs or have sex. Even though you will be feeling good long before that it takes your body awhile to heal.
Before surgery. Have childcare set up for your children for the first few days your home. Even if someone can come for a few hours a day to help feed and bathe them. Get yourself some books and magazines because you'll need to lie around and rest. Make some food that can be frozen and easily microwaved. Chili, spaghetti and casseroles or very easy dishes.
I think your going to be just fine. Your very young. I was 25 when I had my surgery and I did great with no problems at all.
Talk to your Dr about hormone replacement before surgery. It's your choice if you want to take it or not. This is only my opinion, but I would stay away from Premarin.
We're here to help you every step of the way.    Remar  
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thank you. i was wondering about hormone replacement as my dr has said she is keeping my overies in so i would not go into menopause straight after
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If your keeping your ovaries then you should be fine without hormones. Of course keep your Dr up to date on any symptoms that might come up, like night sweats or mood swings. There are many women that have complete hysterectomies and do very well without any hormones. We're all so different. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.      Remar
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I was 33 when I had mine done. I was beyond terrified. The day of the surgery itself was a daze. My husband and mother all came but I sent them home as I could not keep my eyes open no matter how hard I tried. I had a morphine pump but never pushed the button on it, the dosage it was giving was fine and I was not in pain. Later that night my mom came back and sat me up on the edge of the bed so I could wash my face and brush my hair. I was up for about 2 minutes and started to turn green so I had to lay back down. Likely the meds still. I slept fantastic that night. The next day the only real pain I had was when they removed the packing. (I had abdominal one but they pack to help hold up where cervix was) My mom came and got me up to walk the hall. I was sore but nothing too bad at all. I didnt get really far but I did get down the hall and back. It was more lightheadedness that bothered me. Once I got the catheter out the next day I had to measure my output. It was low so I had to get it up before the would consider me going home. I had a bladder repair or lift as well so that is why. The second day they took my morphine pump as someone needed it and they knew I was doing good on my own. I was just taking advil. Went home with a small prescription for morphine and only needed one because I thought that I would take a walk down the road when I got home and it was too much.
Although a major surgery the recovery was not bad at all. There are a chance of complications. I had a big bleed from where my cervix was but it stopped. But nothing bad at all. It was truly the BEST decision I had made. I kept my ovaries so I didnt need to worry about HRT. I did have night sweats for 3 mnths as my ovaries went to "sleep" for abit but they came back around.
I would chose to have it done again if I had too. It made a huge difference in my health and well being.
Good Luck, if you have it done you will do great. Check out hystersisters. It is a great site.
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thank you all for you comment i got my date today having it done on the 17th of feb so got four weeks to sort every think out feeling more relaxed about now i know what to expect. my doctor has said she is going to try and to a viginal hysterectomy but she is not sure she can as i have a tilted pelvis but she is going to try plus got aload of bad scaring from my c/section 8 years ago. have now sorted my kids out my best friend is going to have them for a week for me so that when i go home i can have nothing but rest thank you all again and i will keep you posted
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Please ask your dr to consider a laproscopic or DaVinci robotic assisted hysterectomy they are the best methods.She could clean up scar tissue easier with the davinci..
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well got 6 days till me operation feeling half and half about it but have got everythink sorted kids are staying at there aunties for a week and hubby taken two weeks off work. will let you all know how it gose and thanks again for all your help

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Hi. It's good to hear from you. It sounds like you have everything in order and your ready for the surgery. Having your husband home for two weeks is going to help so much.
Did you and your Dr decide on what kind of surgery to do? Cherie, our CL here is wonderful and I see that she recommended two other different kinds of surgeries. I wish I would have had the option for these two, but back when I had mine the only option was abdominal. I made it through just fine though.
We're here for you, okay. Keep us up to date and if we can answer any questions don't hesitate to ask.    Remar
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hiya everyone

well its been 5 days since my operation and i am doing well still in a lot of pain but medication helping i had a viginal hysterectomy and all went well.

i just have one question i had a lot of trouble having a poo to put it nicly i managed today it was very painfull and now i am slighty bleeding from my vigina i just wondered if it was normal as i did not bleed after the op and have not till now
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Hi. I'm so glad to hear your surgery is over and your doing so well.
It's very common to have constipation after any kind of surgery. I would recommend a stool softener. Have someone go to the store for you and pick something up.
You can a tiny bit of bleeding a few days after, I did, but you might want to call your Dr and tell him this happened when you were trying to use the bathroom. I'm concerned that you may have ripped internal stitches.  
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thank you the stool softhener really help x i am still geting a discharge a reddy browninsh colour a medium amount no smell but getting alot of pulling and cramping but i take thats just part of the healing process i am nearly 2 weeks post ops
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The brownish discharge is old blood. Are you following Drs orders and taking things easy? If your trying to do too much it can cause the pulling feeling. So do take things easy and get plenty of rest. If the pulling and cramping feelings keep up call your Dr to get an appointment.
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Hi Jessica,

Have you spoken to your doctor yet about the bleeding?
I was also wondering if you were experiencing night sweats, too, after the surgery.

I'm due for my operation on May 31st and I have no idea what to expect.
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i did talk to my doctor turns out i did pull a stitch and had a slight infection. i think it was the case of trying too much too soon but i am 4 weeks post op now and i feel good i am able to do general house work but no bending or lifting as this dose cause bad pulling pains.

jester i can only tell you what it was like for me i had viginal hysterectomy the first two weeks was the worse it hurt to pretty much do anythink i felt tierd all the time. the pain med the hospital gave me did the trick and was able to rest easy. i did suffer with night sweats well pretty much all day sweats but they have got better and dont get meny at all.
as long as you rest rest rest you will be fine get plenty of snack food in cause i found it hard to eat a full meal so i had little but often.
i dont know if this helps but i was glad when people were honest with me and help me go into this with my eyes open if you want to know any more please ask the people on this site are so nice and helpfull x
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Hi Jester, I see you are looking at having a hysterectomy.  A site I found VERY useful was hystersisters.com.  Very infomative and supportive.  Check it out.  I had mine this past Monday and feel great! Good luck!
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