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what is your opinion on this

I am 47 yeears old and went to the doctor yesterday and was told I needed a hysterectomy. I have had problems of heavy bleeding for the last several years and I have fibroids and cysts. The dr. makes me take the depo shot and a low estrogen shot  to try and control my bleeding but they don't always help and I just think it is time to get this procedure done. I has my tubes tied 13 years ago and I don't need birth control meds.
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Hello, I just went through a hysterectomy for a mass on my right ovary. I can tell you I avoided having this procedure done for many years. Doctors wanted to do it for other reasons besides the mass found in Dec. and then i had no choice.  My periods were painful and long and heavy my whole life. So i just had the surgery and all my symptoms stopped immediately. I found the first week painful and hard to move about but it was done on Dec 14 and now I am moving around except for being tired and going to bed early. They say it will be like this for about six weeks or so. If you are concerned about generally feeling crappy because of the bleeding, all that will stop. You will have to put up with hot flashes I think but it's way better than dealing with all you are dealing with every month. If i had known all this years ago i  would have just had it done and over with.  I too had my tubes tied and it seemed to make my periods worse and I have no idea why. They did remove both ovaries, uterus and cervix but my situation was a bit different. I think you can opt to have partial through laparoscopy instead of the abdominal incision that I had and it would be better and quicker for healing. Keeping one ovary if you can, might save you from going through hot flashes as well but your doctor can advise on that. They can also give you some form of hormone which I cannot take because my situation is hormone induced. Also my doctor told me that some anti depressants help with hot flashes.
I am sure you will get answers from woman way better informed than I am. They are all brilliant with thier passing on information and explaining what they have been through. I am new here but have had loads of wonderful help to my questions. Hope this helps, krista
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thank you for your input. After reading what you said about the periods stopping and feeling alot better that you had it done. I am now even more sure that I need and want to get this done. I have hot flashes already, I can deal with them but the heavy bleeding and pain I can't handle it anymore. again, thanks for your input. I appreciate it.
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I need to have a hysterectomy and have opted for a lap assisted vaginal. I'm interested in getting information and feedback on keeping my cervix. I have fibroids and because of the locations, keeping it may not be an option. We won't know until they get in there, but I'd like to get everyone's any thoughts on the pros and cons of removing the cervix. Thanks.

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I had my cervix removed (along with just about everything else) in the year 2000. I do use bioidentical hormones and the small amount of estrogen I use (along with the much needed bio progesterone and testosterone) helps avoid vaginal atrophy and dryness. And, I lead a pretty healthy life style meaning I (try) to get in some kind of exercise several times a week. Kegals help keep the area supple...and some Teresa tapp moves help with incontinence.

I realize that I am probably not addressing your quesion. And, I am answering in a way that assumes you are having ovaries removed and the fact that no hormone would affect that area. But, even if you are keeping the ovaries, once you go through regular menopause, the "female" hormones deminish and this can affect that area, if you will.

Sorry...this is one gigantic topic. I will be more specific. I have not had major problems due to not having a cervix...although I do have some mixed incontinence and yet I don't know if that is connected or not to the cervix being removed.

Once I got my sexual desire/function back on track with the help of the bioidenticals I just want to add that orgasm does not become a thing of the past. These are the questions my friends don't want to ask the doctor!  Let's just say that other areas take over...so where you might have had contractions in the uterus and cervix during orgasm...well, you still have the pelvic floor and vagina :)) So...not to worry on that account.

Take care and I hope that this has helped.

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I can understand your concern about a hysterectomy. I am getting one  performed in Feb. Just found out this week. I have fibroids and cysts, and heavy bleeding and pain all the time. I am tired of the dr. masking my problems with a depo shot, I had my tubes tied in 1995 and I don't need to take birth control but the depo shot is the only thing that has worked some of the time. I am tired of taking the shots and never know when I will start and when I do how long I will bleed. sometimes I can bleed havy 3-4 weeks at a time. So I can't wait till I get mine done.
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I had a vag lapo in July and I have never been happier. I do take injections of hrts and have yet to have one menepause symptom. I wish I had done it year earlier.
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I just am so ready to get this done and over with.
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