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I was diagnosed with MS 2011. It had been an ongoing situation with my physical body that ended up taking a toll on my mental status too. Just the not knowing what was going on & the doctors didn't know either. 6+ years later & 5 doctors, well we finally got a diagnose & my mind was able to rest, somewhat. Everyday is a new day in my physical body. I don't know when it will be all energized, when the numbness will start & what part of my body will it effect, or even how sleepy I will be. MS is very UNNPREDICTABLE! I feel like once I think I have this thing figured out something new will happen. For example, this coldness I am starting to feel. I have read where some people compare it to feeling like "icy hot". For me it just feels like I have ice cubes flowing through my veins! No warmth is working & not only is it really cold but quiet painful too. Also, the joint discomfort is bad, more so on my right side, but feel it throughout body. Anyone figure out a solution to the coldness? Even if it's only for a minute!
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