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Another 'clever' blog post with some comments. (I'd totally forgotten I had replied to that. I must have brain fog!)
Silvermaven also posted an interesting rebuttal.

"cave76 says:
November 17, 2012 at 11:15 am
The researchers focus on the infection being caught early at which point a fairly short course of antibiotics will probably catch the infection in its early stage with good results. I totally agree with that theory.
However, how many of us have ever been diagnosed OR treated right away?
Many never even know they’ve been bitten by an infected tick.
Only about 50% get that diagnostic bulls eye rash.
Many can be infected but get no symptoms or only get those that are passed off as the flu or arthritis etc.
But consider this scenario: You are bitten by a tick and suspect you might have Lyme disease. You call your doctor and perhaps have to wait several weeks for an appointment. Then, IF you’re lucky, he may perform a test for Lyme. Then you wait for that test results to come back. IF it’s positive you will then be given a short course of antibiotics.
It’s been proven in mice in the laboratory that infection can reach the central nervous system within minutes to hours.
So as you’re waiting for all those tests and appointments the infection will become FAR past early or acute. Tick Tock.
But most of us won’t find a doctor who will even test for Lyme. I had to go to 15 different doctors to find one. Tick Tock."

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