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IVF April 2012 cycle

Hello...anyone going in for an IVF trial in April 2012? I am. Would like to share experiences.
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I am going to start b/c in a few days and hope to transfer in late April/early May.
What stage are you at right now?
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Hi ladies!! I am currently injecting Lupron and scheduled for FET on April 18 :) Thus far, I've underwent one IUI (BFN) and four IVF cycles. The first IVF cycle was canceled due to ovarian cyst; the second and third cycles were BFN, and the fourth IVF cycle we got a BFP. Unfortunately we lost our little bean at seven weeks!!I

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TAGLAS, you will be a little ahead of me (my transfer will be late April/ early May).  Hope this cycle bring a sticky bfp!!!!
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Well I'm starting to feel sluggish and the insomnia is setting in. Amazingly I haven't been as crabby. I attribute this to keeping up with my exercise regimen. In the past I discontinued all exercising and strenuous activities. I’m not doing much but light weight lifting and walking. Today I walked three miles and will do chest and arms later. Usually I do cardio and transition right into the weight lifting. Just can't find the energy lately!



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Lupron did not give me any side effects but many ladies complain about it.
Glad you can stay active!

AF arrived today; I started my b/c.  Will get my protocol tomorrow or Monday.  Now I need my tax return so that I can pay for the meds.  Sigh...
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Hi, I'm go currently going through the tests before my IVF cycle starts, I'm supposed to start medication for stimulation on 4/6. I have been so stressed ever since last Friday as they did the TOT and Hydrosonogram, the Hydrosonogram was done without a problem and no blockages were found, but the Dr that did the TOT was unable to pass the charterer and said that my Uterus is in a curve. So now I have to wait to see my Dr tomorrow to see what we will do next. I hope this doesn't delay my cycle or causes any problems with me been able to do IVF. I hope I can get pregnant!
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Hi all sorry I’ve been MIA the last couple of days!! Unfortunately my FET has been canceled and rescheduled for May. EVIL AF did not show up. My estrogen is 206 and the lining is 5.6. AF is on her way but has failed to appear.

Praying for all that are in the 2WW, those of you awaiting ER and ET, those that will have FET and those still TTC. To those of you playing the BETA, game my prayers are with you as well.

BFN'S I know how you feel :(



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Hi I'm expecting to start IVF #2 in April.... Just waiting for AF to show up, she's 14 days late due to a cyst that's on it's way out. My re says AF is around the corner. If I don't get it by WED I'm supposed to call in.
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How is everyone else doing ?
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I started taking b/c a little over a week ago.  My baseline u/s is on Wednesday and if I get the green light I will start Lupron injections on Thursday.  I am doing b/c and Lupron overlapping protocol.  My stims include Gonal-F and Menopur.

What protocol are you guys on???  
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Welcome!  This is my ivf#2 as well.  
My fitst ivf was 4 years ago and now I have a 3 year old girl.  

I hope your cyst goes away.  During my first ivf I was waiting about 3 weeks for a cyst to go away.  I hope this time it will go smoother.
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My re usually has me take follistim but I'm not sure what he's planning this time. If I have. I cysts like he thinks I will have on day 2 I will find out. I'm impatiently waiting for af...  This never happens to me but my body must be trying to get back on track after my failed fet in feb. do know???
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When my cyst did not go away after 2-3 weeks my RE did a blood test to check if it was an active cyst and it wasn't.  After my AF showed the cyst was gone and did not affect my ivf.
I hope AF showes up soon for you, it tends to clear out all cysts.
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I am starting as well :)
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Anyone whom is starting ivf now... I am starting my shots next week this is a first time ivf. I would love to be able to talk to someone who is going through it as well. Form a nice ivf friendship one I can talk with who understands. I hope everyone is doing well!
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I had my Ivf #1 extraction on 3/19 and implant 3/22. We had a BFP after 2 weeks, beta is 68, but after 3 days it didn't double. RE stopped my meds & afraid it was ectopic, AF came thank God!!! Now trying to lower the beta and prepping for the 2nd cycle coming in 2 months. Still have 7 beautiful frosties from a total of 9 when we started. We should hold on and keep positive!!!  
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