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Moody Mommy's Living Simple Skin Care

I have been using the following on my skin for the past few years and LOVE it.

What you need:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
Lemon Juice
Witch Hazel
Sugar (white or Brown)
Baking Soda
Cotton Balls

Before I get in the shower I use EVOO on a cotton ball and swipe all over my face and neck.  Use as you would a moisturizer or make up remover.
Wash face as normal in the shower
When you get out use a 50/50 mix of Lemon juice and Witch hazel ( I keep mine in a small spray bottle and spray directly on the cotton ball) and use as you would a toner.
Follow with your favorite facial sunscreen.

Use the Lemon juice/witch hazel mix as instructed above to clean impurities away.
Use EVOO on a cotton ball to remove makeup and moisturize.  Leave EVOO on overnight.

Special Treatments:

Acne: I get once a month (wonder why? LOL)
Mix baking soda and lemon juice (watch out for the fizz)into a paste.  Use as a mask.  Leave on until dry.  Rinse.  Use EVOO to finish and go catch some zzzzzzzs (avoid eye areas with the mask)

Dead skin scrub:

Mix EVOO, lemon juice and sugar into a paste and scrub.  Good on any part of your body where you have dry dead skin.  Try on your legs before shaving for a closer shave. (avoid eye areas).

I now spend in a year the same amount as I used to spend in a month on Scrubs, Toners, Make Up Removers, Masks, Zit Treatment, Overnight Moisturizers, ETC.
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This sounds great and we know that olive oil and witch hazel are good,got to raid the fridge for the ingreds.I have extremly dry skin so sounds like this would be good. ..I must admotr I have never used EVOO on my skin but use it for cooking all the time ... .  
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I have used the olive oil on my hair when I was younger. My hair is so thick, it took several washes to get it out. Then I would damage my hair again with the iron (the one you use for your clothes).LOL That was the thing in the 70's long straight hair. Mine was wavy. It was long and LOLOLOL.....you will roll on the floor when I tell you this. I would use at least 2 nibblets corn cans for the top of my hair and just wrap the rest around my head with the long bobby pins. LOL I have pictures of this.

Back to the face, can you use this for sensitive skin???? I have to use everything for sensitive skin. I use the oil of olay with aloe cleaners and sunscreen. I have combination skin. Oily and dry patches. I don't use makeup daily. I use loose powder only and eye makeup. I have noticed a big change since I quit using sugar and products with yeast in them. My face has cleared up alot.

I also use the olive oil for cooking and salads.
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I have combination /sensitive skin too.  The EVOO should not bother it.  The Lemon Juice may.  I would adjust the ratio of witch hazel to lemon juice.  Thats the great thing about kitchen beauty is you can personalize it CHEAP.  I also use the EVOO on my legs after I shave.It may feel oily for a few minutes but it soaks in really nice.  You can also add essential oils to the EVOO to give it a fragrance.  Just make sure you test it for allergies before you put it all over your face and body.  Another really good oil for body and bath is grape seed oil, it mixes well with essential oils also.  

For yard work hands I work about a tablespoon of evoo and a bit of table salt into my hands an scrub.  Rinse and dry.  Use more EVOO after if needed.

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I get 'yard work hands' all the time especially in the winter. I'll try that recipe. It sounds good.
My mum used to put oil on her hands at night, then sleep in a pair of gloves so as not to get oil on everything. She swore by it to keep her hands soft. My dad used to laugh. He said it was like "going to bed with the Queen of England" LOL!!
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Why be a princess when you can be the queen!
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