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Non toxic cleaning--economical, too

Here are some ideas of what to do with lemon peels.  The main article is about making lemon vinegar.  Guess what?  They use the cheapest distilled white vinegar, too.  This is a way to make the vinegar smell nicer and even work harder around the home.  If you're using a lot of lemons anyway, why not get the most you can out of them while you're at it by not wasting the peels.  Actually, I don't use enough lemons myself because I can't, but if you can, this would definitely make your life smell nicer without costing you one more cent than you're already paying now.  Certainly the smell of lemon scented vinegar is a nice treat when cleaning your glass and windows, right?  It will work as an all purpose cleaner around the home, too.  So, you can use it as a disinfectant on your kitchen counters.  It will definitely smell better than plain vinegar--if you're already using enough lemons around your place in the first place to make this idea economical for you.  My friend uses lemons to make a detox hot lemonade drink that does work for her.  It doesn't do a thing for me, but it works well for her.  So, she would be able to do this if she wanted to.

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I have used a similar spray and it really works
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