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Bad reaction to caccines

Just wondering if anyone has the experienced this with their child after immunizations. My 4 year old son had his IPV (first time), DTaP only (first time not DTaP/HiB/IPV), Varicella (second time), and MMR (second time).  He has not had any reactions or side effects in the past with any vaccines except for mild discomfort at injection site the day of shots.  He received these on a Friday.  Did not complain of any pain but the following Tuesday started to complain about leg pain.   I was not told which shot went into each leg but he got 2 in each leg.  By Thursday, I called doc and they said its muscle soreness.  My nerdy active 3 year old only wants to lay down and cry.  He limps when I can get him to walk. I have another call into doc this morning.  No fever or other symptoms except extreme agitation that I assume is due to the pain. Giving ibuprofen round the clock which helps for a little while.  Anyone else experience this?  If so did it go away?  I am just not sure if it's only muscle soreness?
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So your toddler is being cranky about having some mild pain & that's not normal to you yet? My kid screams he needs the doctor when he gets a papercut. And if he's tired... It's WWIII & he's on the ground screaming like someone is burning him alive.

I'm sorry for being snarky & you're a good parent to worry but this nonsense spreading that vaccines are bad now needs to stop. We are only here thanks to modern medicine and if you research for 5 min, there is no evidence for these crazy claims at all. There is not a single side effect of a vaccine that you can not get from that disease it's preventing but sooooo much worse.
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Tell that to parents who have endured not only what has been brushed aside as a disproven side effect of autism, but who have also experienced their children just stopped talking altogether after being vaccinated. Or whose children have uncontrollable muscle spasms in an extremity or face. Worse yet, have faced heart breaking fatalities. You don't have to look far to read anecdotes such as these, simply press the back button on your browser in this forum to read other mothers' horrific experiences. The OP stated her child has never run into problems being inoculated before, but had issues this time around for one reason or another; and God bless her for simply reaching out to other mothers for advice. She's just looking for help and reassurance, as I think all of us moms have needed at one time or another throughout this intimidating road trip of parenting. To say this antivax "needs to stop" is a form of suppression of freedom of speech, and that, ma'am, is just unconstitutional. No one is putting you down for having your own opinions so please respect the opinions of others, whether it be someone's beliefs or disbeliefs in vaccines or one's parenting ideals. USA USA USA
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