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My grandaughter who is 18 mos. is going to get her first DTAP shot in June.  My daughter wanted to wait until her immune system was developed. She had given her Prevnar and HIb when she was 2 mos old and she got a horrible reaction from the Prevnar, being incosolable crying for 3 hours, no fever however. The reason we know this is because we wanted to try the Hib and see and she has completed that series.  So for all you moms out there, could you give me some comfort knowing it will be ok.  I have had three children and they are all immunized but did get bad reactions from the DPT.  There is so much info on immunizations, now.  I realize the importance and so does she.  She is trying to do the alternative vaccination schedule.  So any input would be great.
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I have 2 of the 4 had the old DPT shots with fevers and fussiness  My younger 2 were just fine with the first sets of the shots but my son had a bad reaction to what they think was the pertussis portion and had a very large, local red swelling reaction that was about 9" long X 6" wide on his upper arm.  He was on Benadryl and Motrin for days.  Not enough for it to be deemed dangerous but enough that his ped said next booster we will split up the shots and avoid the pertussis.

BTW, I think you can split the vaccines up and give them one by one but it may cost more $

Cheryl (dd's 17, 15, 10 & ds 9)
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The DTP is a tricky vax. The "T" part is what most children react to, and the "P" part is what most parents whan their children to recieve. Unfortuantely, they do not make a separate "P" vax as of now, so to get the pertussis protection, it's DTP or nothing. The "D" part has been much less of an issue since they began using an inactivated form of the diptheria virus.

Personally, both of my children reacted badly to DTP. DD was ok with the first 2 in the series, but by the 3rd booster had a huge localized reaciton (red, hot swollen, had to monitor for 6-8 wks). At her 4y visit several months ago she got the 4th booster and it was horrific. Her arm swelled up and was reddish purple. It was hard as a rock, and so hot. She was on Motrin and Claritin for a week and we had to monitor her closely. The ped finally contested that she should not get another booster. Apparently if the reaction spreads beyond the joints (which it did on her shoulder and elbow) it can cause permanent joint damage. Nice.

So, now we're in the situation where my child can not recieve another tetnus vax because it may harm her. I wish I would have spread them out more.

DS is only 6m and he's had 2 DTPs and will not get another until he's much older and his blood work demonstrates a need.
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My son developed seizures within 4 hours of his 6 month shots.  It was thought to be most likely a reaction to the pertussis part.  AT about 16 months of age I was talked into giving a DT vaccine and my son reacted with more siezures, stopped talking and within 2 months was diagnosed with Autism.  It is believed that his reaction is due to some predisposition due to a mitochondrial dysfunction.  To get a definite diagnosis he will have to undergo a muscle biopsy so we are not running to get this done. I cannot give you any comfort in this.  Good luck to your family.
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I Am so incredibly skepticle of ALL VACCINES...Although I vaccinated my 1 st child and no side effects...I refuse to vaccinate my daughter... I have read to many horror stories of vaccinated babies..I believe the shots are DANGEROUS!
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I am a new mother and have been debating vaccinating my child since before he was born!  Every parent has their own individual right to make the right choice for their own child, and every child will react differently.  However, as I continue to research, I find that vaccines are too much of a risk to put my child in and I am leaning towards not vaccinating.  Here is a website specifically about the DTP and DTaP.  www.thinktwice.com/dpt.htm  Good luck.
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has anyone had a postive drug test for alcohol afer a tdap vaccine?
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