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How long does Gardasil stay in your system?

I received my first shot of Gardasil a little over two weeks ago. A few days after I started feeling ill and have been ever since. My symptoms are:
- severe nausea
- severe dizziness
- hot and cold flashes
- stomach problems
- feel faint & weak

I told my doctor and she said it sounded like panic attacks. I have NEVER had a panic attack before and I don't know why the symptoms would still persist after the initial wave of dizziness and nausea. My last 'attack' was saturday and I STILL feel sick. I don't think its a coincidence that this started happening after I received my first shot.

I just want to know how long the 1st shot stays in the system. Thanks.
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My daughter received the shot and passed out cold for a very long time. Next day too tired to function.  
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i have the exactly the same symptoms. ever since i got my second shot things with me have never been the same. i went on the pill to try and control some of my nausea and dizzyness , which seems to work a litlle because i thought it might have been hormonal. i also started taking lots of vitamins. seems to have gotten better but still dont feel exactly right. i have to go back to get my 3rd shot but im not going to.
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Hi there,

In the clinical trials, some of the symptoms you mentioned did show up at about the same rate in both the Gardasil group and the placebo group 15 days after administration. This strongly suggests that the Gardasil was not the cause of the symptoms... but the information is included in the prescribing information by Merck regardless as a possible side-effect of the shot, specifically I am referring to the following symptoms you are experiencing: nausea, dizziness and malaise.

(Fainting is an incredibly common side effect with all vaccines. Although, the clinical trials of Gardasil have shown that fainting is a slightly more common side effect with Gardasil than with other vaccines. A good doctor will not let you leave their office for 15 minutes after having received the vaccine until they are sure you feel well, and they will watch for early signs of fainting while administering the injection. Fainting, in and of itself, is considered a harmless side effect... it is when doctors, nurses and clinic staff do not follow proper procedure during and after administration of a vaccine that accidents can happen because of fainting... such as falling. I've fallen after shots before!!)

It is unfortunate that your doctor did not discuss these possible side effects with you before you decided to have the Gardasil vaccine. If your doctor had properly discussed the possible side effects with you, you would have been able to weigh the pros and cons of taking the vaccine against not taking the vaccine... and you would have known what to possibly expect. Then you would have been able to make an informed choice... and an informed choice means weighing the risk of possible side effects of the vaccine against the risk of possibly contracting HPV, a rather common STI.

Anyway. Good news. According to the clinical trials, it looks like in both the Gardasil group and the placebo group, the symptoms you mentioned stopped being a problem for those who reported such symptoms after 15 days.

Unless you're seriously allergic to yeast. Although, your doctor should have asked you this prior to injecting you. Or you should have mentioned the allergy prior to having anything injected into you. But, if you're seriously allergic to yeast, you are probably having a serious allergic reaction to Gardasil and I would suggest going to the hospital in order to get prescription strength antihistamines and whatever other sort of allergy treatment is needed to stop the histamines that are going crazy in your body... if you are allergic to yeast.
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Oh, one question...

What type of stomach problems? Did you mention the stomach problems to your doctor? Did she think that the stomach problems were because of a panic attack?

If the stomach problems are a badly upset stomach, then I would go to Another doctor and let them know that you recently had the gardasil vaccine and you exerienced an upset stomach (mention this first) as well as the other more common side effects that you mentioned.

Merck suggests that you let your health care provider know of an upset stomach after the gardasil vaccine. It is not listed as a "serious" side-effect or as a sign of an allergic reaction, but it also isn't listed as one of the common side effects. That is why I suggest getting a second opinion.

Merck asks you to do this for two reasons: one, so that your health care provider can report the possible side-effects to Merck (they are required to do this) and so that you and your health care provider can discuss continuing with the vaccine schedule.

If the other doctor does not think that the symptoms are related to the vaccine... I would personally suggest attempting to finish the vaccine schedule as the clinical trials show that it is safe and most of the bad press surrounding this vaccine can be rationally explained without attributing the causes to the vaccine if you look to science and not to anecdotal reports. Of course, if you experience the same symptoms after the second injection, then it likely wouldn't be worth it to attempt finishing the vaccine schedule by receiving the 3rd injection.

With that said... that is only what I would do... but you of course know your own body and how it reacts to substances better than anyone. If you think that your symptoms are directly related to the vaccine, and they resolve in 2 weeks or so, and since Merck does list some of them as possible side-effects, and since you have stated that they are severe, you might not want to continue with the vaccine schedule. Especially since you are currently asking how long the vaccine stays in your system (it's not really like a drug, btw, it doesn't have a half-life or anything like a drug really... it just creates an immune response and then your body reacts to that and creates antibodies... your immune system should effectively deal with the virus-like particles, that are neither a live or dead viruses, just made-made virus-like particles, soon enough... very little is put into your system in the first place... and they don't reproduce or anything like a regular virus would...).

Anyway. Go talk to another doctor if you are really concerned about the stomach thing... as it's the only thing on the list that pops out as a not-so-common side-effect on that list. And, if it last longer than 15 days, I'd go see the doctor again because you will probably need to start treating those symptoms regardless of what is causing them.
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My daughter, Victoria, has been ill since February 2008.  

Here is some history. I will be as brief as possible. My daughter had her first Gardasil vaccination November 2007. Her second vaccination was in the beginning of February 2008. Immediately after her second vaccination, Victoria experienced severe diarrhea and was nauseous for about eight weeks. She had blood work done many times and doctors thought she had a virus. On March 31, 2008, she had her first seizure. My daughter has treated with many neurologists, all of whom have not related her seizures to Gardasil. Meanwhile, there are quite a few hundred people that I have found over the internet through my numerous postings and through Erin Brockovich, and their daughters are all experiencing the same symptoms, which occurred after the Gardasil vaccination. We have actually formed a group and share our daughters' stories, symptoms and information. My daughter has had CT scans, MRI's, MRA's, EEG's, blood work and was hospitalized at an epilepsy center in the video EEG monitoring unit for two separate weeks in May 2008 and September 2008. She was put on many different seizure medications. After the normal EEG results, she was taken off all medications. Her SED rate has always been high and she does have protein in her urine, but doctors do not seem concerned. I was told that her red blood are small, but this apparently is not concerning either.

My daughter has been seen by several neurologists, a psychiatrist, psychologist, several neuropsychologists, an immunologist, several infectious disease doctors, and also treated a at Wellness Center for a period of time. Wellness Center physicians believe that my daughter may have Lyme disease that was dormant until the Gardasil vaccine. Infectious disease doctors differ.  Which doctors are correct? I have no idea.

My daughter currently experiences the following symptoms: non-epileptic seizures, migraines, fainting, tremors, twitches, numbness, intermittent leg paralysis and facial paralysis, tingling, staring or blank episodes, eye pain, joint pain, neck pain, back pain, memory loss, confusion, brain fog, regression, mood swings and chronic fatigue. She continues to have bouts of nausea and diarrhea. She has not been in school since April 2008. My daughter can never be left home alone. She can't go to school, go out with her friends or work or has little "normalcy" in her life. She has very few good days and always says she doesn't feel good.

I do not know which way to turn for help. We have seen so many doctors and I can't seem to find anyone willing to help my daughter. There are so many other young girls who have the same exact symptoms as my daughter and the one thing that all of the girls seem to have in common is the Gardasil vaccination.

We are on a fixed income, as most people, and we have expended many thousands of dollars in an effort to seek medical opinions and assistance. Although we do have medical insurance, it is very difficult to find doctors willing to treat my daughter who will accept our HMO. Also, there are no "traditional medical doctors" who will relate my daughter's symptoms to Gardasil as I am told "there is not enough information available" about the vaccine and doctors believe it to be "safe" . The vaccine has been available for less than three years. Meanwhile, there are some doctors who are making the correlation between Gardasil and many of the girls' symptoms. However, the only doctors I know of right now are in California and Kansas. Other doctors are willing to "try" treatment, most of which is "homeopathic" in nature and extremely costly. Once again, I must reiterate that there are so many other young girls experiencing negative symptoms.

Each and every night, I check on my daughter many times in the middle of the night to make sure she is still breathing (like we ALL did when they were babies). I have a chime on her bedroom door so that every time she opens it, I know she has walked out of her room. I had a deadbolt put on the front door of our home with a key that can be removed from the inside. I never leave the key in the door for fear that Victoria will be confused after a seizure or when she has memory loss, and leave our home. (This has happened many times and she has been missing). When she is in the shower, I have to either stand outside the door and/or keep asking her "are you okay?"

Each and everyday, I cry and wonder if Victoria will be next one to die from adverse reactions to Gardasil.

We are in desperate need of medical treatment for my daughter. I have run out of ideas, doctors to treat with and finances have dwindled. I do not know which direction to turn. Any thoughts are most appreciated, especially from the medical community.

The National Vaccine Information Center is in the process of circulating a petition to have Gardasil investigated by the government. There are more than 15,000 reported cases of adverse effects from the vaccine which have been reported to the NVIC (many of the adverse effects are extremely serious) and approximately 38 deaths have been reported.

Please feel free to forward this information.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Jodi Speakman
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I am not sure I would be allowed to post this.  Anyway, please replace the "DOT" with an actual one to get to the site.


As mothers and parents we should be very cautious about vaccines, particularly ones that are not proven.  Actually go to Dr. tenpenny's website and look under "articles" you will see a lot of information about vaccines and their safety.  Every parent should be given the information they need to make a rational decision about giving their children vaccines.
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