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Jenny McCarthy's new book

Anyone reconsidering the typical vaccination schedule? I am after reading Louder than words by Jenny McCarthy whose son has Autism. Her speculation is the vaccines over loaded her sons system when his immune system was low and contributed to his autism diagnosis. Thoughts? I'm considering holding off on the MMR shot until 3 years of age
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The scientific evidence is that countries that don't inflict brain damage on their children (i.e. 'vaccines') do not have an 'autism epidemic'.  Secondly, there is no 'scientific evidence' that the vaccines don't cause autism--- in fact, there are absolutely no long term studies on the devastation caused by this barbaric ritual.  Lastly, your "society free of polio, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, diptheria, pertussis, etc" was well on it's way when the sewage stopped flowing in the streets and the public water supplies were no longer contaminated-- long before the public poisioning campaign began.  

If your so eager to poison innocent children, are you current on your "shots"--- scientific studies do show that after 36 months there are no traces of increased immunoglobulins regarding any of these shots--- meaning that a "booster" must be necessary throughout life????  Medical Non-Sense!
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The article you posted is really interesting.  I've seen a couple of things myself lately that make me wonder.  

SUMMARY: Vaccines in order identified in FATAL adverse events reported to VAERS
September 20 2007

Deaths reported to VAERS from 1999-2002, age 0-6 years

OPV -    866
Hib -      843
Hep -     642
DTaP -   394
MMR -   110
VARC -   34
Flu -       11

Tot:      2,900

SUMMARY: Vaccines in order identified in serious NON FATAL events reported to VAERS
September 20 2007

Hospitalizations reported to VAERS from 1999-2002, age 0-6 years.

Hib -      3,224
OPV -    2,868
Hep -     1,840
MMR -   1,736
DTaP -   1,631
VARC -    576
Flu -          41

Tot:      11,916

All Adverse Reactions reported to VAERS from 1999-2002, age 0-6 years.

OPV  -   22,915
Hib  -     22,463
MMR -   18,680
DTaP -   16,544
Hep  -    13,363
VARC -  11,246  
Flu  -      419

Tot:       105,630

Figures taken from http://www.whale.to/a/adv.html but rearranged in order.

The other thing is a video about vaccines  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MTifzl8BOI  

Down the side it says

This stunning censored interview conducted by medical historian Edward Shorter for WGBH public television (Boston) and Blackwell Science was cut from The Health Century due to its huge liability--the admission that Merck drug company vaccines have traditionally been injecting cancer viruses (SV40 and others) in people worldwide.

This segment of In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism, produced and freely contributed by consumer protector and public health expert, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, features the world's leading vaccine expert, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, who explains why Merck's vaccines have spread AIDS, leukemia, and other horrific plagues worldwide.

Lots to think about!

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I started questioning the vaccines before my daughter was born, and after reading about what is in these shots, and how they work (in some cases, do not work), we have decided to not have ANY vaccinations for our children, ever. There is most definately a real problem, not just parents looking for someone to blame. There is no way you can put a large amount of Mercury, along with other toxins and chemicals, into a small child's body, and not expect problems.

The HepB shot that they give on the first day of birth also contains thimerasol, and these babies are not at high risk. It us usually transmitted through intravenous drug use, and sexual contact, and can even wear off within 7 years. So not many babies would be at risk for this disease. And the symptoms of the vaccines can end up being much much worse (even fatal) in comparison to the illness itself.

Here is a link with a list of the ingredients for the vaccines they put in our children:


I would really study alot before you decide to have any (more) vaccinations for your child. And if you do delay it, I would reccomend delaying as long as possible!
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My question was not to vaccinate or not. I am planning on vaccinating my kids. My question was do you think the vaccination schedule should be reconsidered??? Jenny McCarthy is pro-vaccination too. She's questioning the "one size fits all" schedule...as am I. Should preemie babies who are often ill be given the same vaccination schedule as a healthy 10lb baby???? I don't think so ...

Also, the CDC released a statement last week stating they could not disprove the contribution vaccines have in Austism. They simply "don't know".  Until they know I'm going to ask questions and proceed with caution. One thing I know for sure is kids aren't born with it ..... this is something they develop.
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Well I typed a very long entry for you and pressed "Post Comment".  This great website then took me to a log in page and then all of it was lost.  Great design medhelp!  Bottom line, travel down the rabbit hole and you will question conventional beliefs on this to the edge.  Spend many hours researching this.  The best start is an audio CD of the Vaccine Seminar given by someone who travels the world spreading the word.  Here is the link...http://thedoctorwithin.com/index_fr.php?page=order_books.php

If you refrain from vaccination you will be debating people for years and you will want to have some good info to back you up.  Make your decision now, which pill do you want to take?
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I decided before I ever got pregnant that my children would not be vacinated, ever...  There is no reason to and every reason to not vacinate., it makes no sense  My daughter is now 2 years old and perfectly healthy. If you do research, most of the children that get pertussis now, actually had the vaccine, so what good did that vaccine do for those children, probably caused them to get it.  Needless to say, I'm glad people are becoming more aware of vacine dangers and educating themselves more, so they can make an inormed decision.
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I think you are wise to consider an alternative schedule for vaccinating.  Thank you for clarifying that Jenny McCarthy stated she was for vaccinating and that ALSO (this to Sandy M) she states that vaccines are not the sole cause for autism.  There are many things to consider, and perhaps one of them is the overload of vaccines at one time.  Maybe spacing them out a little, or delaying isn't a bad idea.  If I was to do the MMR for a boy (or girl for that matter) I would wait until after they are 3 or so.  Let their immune systems build up and also their gastrointestinal tract get up to speed (so to speak) so that things can be detoxified better.
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MMR is at 12 month and 18 or 24 ish month.  But the first round is at 12 months.  I am delaying this for my son based on the odds of autism for boys.  
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thanks for everyones points of view. I guess it's something we each have to decide for ourselves. Good luck finding out which is best for you and your family. God bless.
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Did anyone happen to catch Jenny McCarthy and actress Holly Robinson on Larry King Live last night ?
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I strongly disagree with you. Like Jenny McCarthy said last night, "physicians need to listen to us". She knows when her son became ill and she has been searching for the truth and has been doing tons of research on autism. And she said that she could have kept her son's illness a secret and it would have made things easier on her... but she chose not to because she knows that there are many parent's out there that don't have the resources that she has had on this illness. They even had her son's physician on the show last night.

btw, her son's physician did an excellent job. Her son is doing great.
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P.S. --- I forgot to mention to check out an illness called Gillian Barre Syndrome. The cause of the illness is still unkown... although physicians know that patients often get this illness after having a flu shot and/or having the flu. This illness, like autism, affects your nervous system and you can die from this syndrome.
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this article was on yahoo news yesterday
please make note who conducted the study
can you say show me the money


also Jenny M. is not against shots...but she was  on Oprah and I quote "Should they be one size fits all"
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There are alot of parents of autistic kids who have before and after pics and video of their kids...Jenny M. had pics and video of a smiling happy baby...then later on a child that wouldnt smile..had outraging fits...seizures...etc
also alot of the kids have huge amounts of yeast in their gut...once the they are put on a strict diet the parent sees huge gain in lang. and social skills....how do you explain that???

If it is so cut and dry why is the CDC still conducting studies on it...and WHY did they remove the thimersal??? Also thimersal is not the only funky stuff in shots.

good article  Discover magazine April 2007  
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I do not like the MMR shot.  My first daughter broke out with about what seemed like 1000 spots all over her body after getting her first one when she was little.  My brother had a bad allergic reaction to his.  My second child will not be getting the second dose of MMR when she starts kindergarten.
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How did you come across that link?
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Question do you actually think that the people running those tests would say "yes" or "no" there is a link? They absolutely would never say to the American people..... YES we have been poising you and many of your children for years. Yeah right! Can you imagine the lawsuits, the anger, and the backlash of millions of people? It would look like terrorists all over again.

No one on the planet can say 100% of children’s immune systems can tolerate them. But you the parent have a choice to give them to your kids or not. Ultimately you’re the one who lives with your child dying from a possible disease or the injection you gave them that was supposed to save them but killed them or disabled them. Which is worse?

My 3 children don't fit the mold....2 of my kids have had months of seizures after immunizations. My dr. will not admit they have any link. But I the mother know! When I had my 3rd child, and I would not vaccinate and my dr. and I went to war over it.

I told her; she can sign the release form not me!....why do I have to sign a release?.....I said to her tell me without a doubt that 100% of kids can tolerate the vaccines.....if that is true, you sign the release to take the responsibility of it, not me.

She never questioned my choice again. She knew the anguish we went through with the first two kids. My son I will say had his reaction from the DTaP and he had seizures for 3 months after and then started a what the Dr. called "A Fever Of Unknown Origin".... that lasted 6 months. Every week I'd go to the dr. office praying for an ear-ache something and never was there anything. For 6 Months this 15 month old little boy suffered. It wasn't from nothing either.

My third is the healthiest of all of them, and she is the unvaccinated one.
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I just read an article about the possible link between autism and pollution. I haven't heard of that one before ! It will be interesting to see if there is anymore research done on this ?
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Did anyone see her on Larry King and Oprah? Thank god someone is finally coming out and talking about this...she said to Larry King "Next you will see me in front of Congress".
The thing that is great is she is talking about stuff that alot of moms including me have known for yrs. that is the biomedical treatment used in getting kids with ASD,ADHD, PDDnos etc. better.

Both shows that she was on the CDC made an actual statement...which is rare and shows they are gona start taking this stuff more serious

Jenny on Larry King said that in 1983 the vaccine schedule was 10 now its 36
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I watched Jenny and Holly Robinson on Larry King. I'm glad that Jenny has chosen to be pro-active and speaking out.
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Im reading a really good book called...What you Doctor doesnt tell you about Vaccinations...wow some interesting stuff
I talked to a doctor where I live and he recommended it to me...he suggested using the vaccine schedule she suggests in the book...i plan on this w/ my newborn
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look into Dr. Drew Blaylock
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For those of you who are still undecided just pull up "Deadly Immunity" by Robert F Kennedy, Jr.  You will find that officials have been trying to cover up evidence that has linked Autism to vaccinations instead of warning people.
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I think it's interesting that Doctors don't even want you to give your child sugar during the first year of their life, but whatever is in vaccines is okay??  My husband and I decided against vaccines b/c of the risk of autism.  Their neurological connections are forming very quickly at that age, why would you ingest mercury into your babies body?  Don't do it!  If you really feel like you should, wait at least two years, and that risk for autism greatly reduces!
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I know..I really dont want to vaccinate my secons child he is 2 months old..but I know that he can still get whooping cough and meningitas...I am planning on a different vaccination schedule (he hasne been vaccinated yet for anything) and plan on just plain skipping some of them...but I am still scared.
We did have problems with our first son.
It isnt even thimersal anymore (thats been taken out of alot of them..but there is so much other **** in those vaccines...and alot of kids boides can rid of the bad stuff like aluminum, formaldyhyde etc.
Its so scary and it totally sucks.
I agree how funny the doc makes a big deal about sugar and when to start giving them rice cereal and all that
But here inject your child with a live virus, some heavy metals and then some.
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If you would be interested in reading the "scientific evidence" please read the book, "Evidence of Harm" but I warn you: Have a box of Puffs handy..you will cry and then you will get angry. There IS scientifc evidence....and it HAS went before Congress.....and then money talked.....and Lilly won!  It is sad that money is more important than our children's lives. The vaccine debate boils down to one simple concept: The ole mighty dollar!

P.S. Some parents do not need "scientific evidence" as they have a life experience. My son had his shots and also contracted Whooping cough, measles and rubella...so much for safe and EFFECTIVE..that is when I woke up...I wondered why did he get the shots only to contract the diseases FROM the shots? Then I started reading.........and then made informed decisons regarding my daughter

For those of you debating about vaccines, Breastfeeding is baby's first immunization...Breast milk kills the Polio virus on contact...God knew what he was doing.  
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I had 4 sons before late in life having my first daughter...she is 4.  all my sons had regular shots (we were military) I grew up military and living overseas alot...I was 43 and pregnant and I think smarter! I had the internet to slurf and read and research...I too found these articles on the shots and it skeered me!  after her birth shots I never went back...I hear this is the reason WHY they give so many bc parent s fail to return for the rest of them...I chose not to return bc of the threats of autism or death!  my lil girl still hasnt had any bad childhood illness unless we count atopic eczema? Hers seem to be stress related...my dad died in april and she is (and I) have stressed over it. yesterday I let a lab lady draw blood from her to test her for her allergies...it was a horrible experience! I stayed calm but my child lost it...if after this result comes back and we can treat her skin...I was thinking about starting up her shots and catch up at a slow pace.  any comments?
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'surf!' not slurf!!!! lol
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Consent for Administration of Vaccination

Dear (Physician’s Name): __________________________________________

If you will be administering a vaccination to me, or my child, today, I will need for you to complete the following consent form.

Thank you.

Responsible Physician Statement:

I, (Physician Name) ______________________ do hereby state that I have advised my patient, (patient or child’s name)________________________ and/or parent of my patient, (parent’s name) __________________________________ that in my professional opinion this patient/child should be given the vaccination, drug or other (name of vaccination/drug/other) ___________________________________.

Manufacturer’s name ____________________________.

Serial number _______________

Batch Number ______________________.

I have on this (day) ______ (month) ______ (year) ______administered this vaccination/medication/drug AFTER advising the above named patient/parent of minor patient that there is little or no risk involved with this vaccination/medication/drug therapy or treatment. I hereby do agree that should this patient/child at anytime suffer or develop any permanent condition deleterious or injurious to his/her health as a result of this treatment, I will pay for any and all costs involved related to the care and treatment necessary for this patient/child for the rest of his/her natural life.

I further agree that if my earnings are insufficient to meet these costs, I will sell my home, my business and all material possessions and put those proceeds towards meeting the needs and expenses of the patient involved.

Date: _____________________________

Signature of responsible physician: _______________________________________

Signature of responsible person administering vaccination/medication/drug: __________________________________________ Occupational Title: _________

Signature of Witness: Parent or other: _____________________________
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I developed chronic bronchitis after a measels shot.

Alternative doctors have long suggested that these vaccines do play hovoc on our immune system.

Our bodies were just unprepared for the onslaught of 20 century chemicals..
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Oh my goodness, the comment about breastfeeding and polio is a riot.  In India, mothers breastfeed.  Guess which country is a polio endemic country?  

And for the person who said that autism is not found in countries that do not vaccinate...where are you getting your information?  A lot of countries do not have autism because they do not have doctors capable of diagnosing it and/or populations of people who are unaware of how to spot it in their young children--limited educations and resources.

Amazing what people believe if it is in print.

When you do research--try to make it a reputable source.  Not just a source.

By the way, my children were vaccinated and are fine.  Be glad they are because we traveled overseas and unvax'd people here could have gotten sick if we had brought something back home with us.

In today's transit society--polio still exists and there are still cases of it.

To not vaccinate against such an awful disease is basically child abuse--in my CDC and travel educated opinion.

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We have done a ton of reserach and have decided on a delayed and selective vax schedule for ds. For example, there is NO reason for a newborn to get the Hep B vax (if mom is negative and they are not in need of a blood transfusion). We opted out of that until later. I don't think we need to vax against chicken pox or roto (plus that vax is far too new for me to be comfortable with it especially since it was pulled once already in it's short self-life!). We're doing one vax per month and will do HIB, DTaP, and Prevnar. I will probably do Polio but later (around 12m). We will do MMR but I will get the separate shots and do one per 6m as not to overload ds's system.

There's a lot to think about on this and there is no right or easy answer. But I have been thinking and the AAPs schedule is based on convience and nothing else.

Plus, I am exclusively breastfeeding and will continue to breastfeed until at least 2y (dd made it through 3.5y) That really helps and makes me feel better about my decision as breastmilk is the original and natural vax as far as I'm concerned! Also, we don't travel outside of the US so I'm not concerned there.

Dr. Sears new book is a good resource but I have read a lot of original research as well. The truth is that when you look at population studies vaccines work, but they can't do the type of trials required to demonstrate a cause and effect relationship between vax and disease prevention. Also, the trials that are done have a lot of interesting quirks....like "sheding" and vicarious immunity. Very interesting stuff and it's a lot to digest. We don't know what the side effects really are and it is a good think that we no longer have to worry about Polio or Diptheria....but chicken pox? Really? The motivation behind that was solely financial and that's crossing a line in my oppinion.
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You stated that India is a polio endemic country, and implied that it is due to lack of vaccines.  I would surmise it is because they don't have clean water, good waste management, knowledge of handwashing and quarantine.  In many underdeveloped countries, they use the local lakes for drinking water, cooking water and WASTE.  Water wells, sewer systems, soap, and education regarding handwashing and quarantine, in addition to good nutrition, would help fight against disease more than vaccines ever could!  According to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, many of the diseases in America, i.e. polio, were on their way out before vaccines for each disease were required, due to water sanitation, waste management, handwashing and quarantine.  

My daughter became allergic to her milk-based formula less than two days after her four month shots, so we switched her to soy formula.  Her second day of rice cereal, she threw it all up.  I was constantly refeeding her until her 18-month allergy test which revealed she was allergic to peanut, nuts, dairy, eggs (we knew), beef, chicken, pork, mustard, garlic, carrots, and even rice, which the allergist said to disregard the rice, but our experience confirmed it.  She has had all of her shots and she is eight years old, but upon learning of the formaldehyde, antifreeze, aluminum, ether, mercury, monkey kidney tissue, chicken embryos, animal blood in vaccines, I have decided to never again give her any more shots.  In the Parents Magazine February 2000 issue, Karyn Seroussi wrote "How I Cured My Son's Autism".  Great article!

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Jenny would be more believable if she didn't have such a financial interest in selling her books.  She would also be more believable if the scientific evidence supported her.

I am just glad that my immunized child is unlikely to get diseases of the last century.
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My son had all his shots on scheduel up till he was18 months which was when he had his first seizure. After that I had it so he got 1 shot at a time and even breaking the shots down he still had another seizure. And I mean not a 30 second seizure he was seizing on and off for an hour. So he is 2 now and no more seizures and the doctors all think im crazy. He was born with a fever, his whole first year n a half he was sick all the time. Since he hasnt had shots hes been healthy. Makes you wonder huh?
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It's all about the immune system everyone.  Should you choose not to have the shots, it's very important to keep your childs immune system strong and healthy through nutrition, sleep etc.  Blood tests have shown children that have not been vaccinated, and they have all of the necessary antibodies which they came into contact, but because they're immune systems were strong they were able to not get sick from the illness, rather, produce antibodies, which for some illnesses, gives them lifetime immunity as opposed to 65-95% effective vaccines.  And for the mother who thinks that opposing vaccines is child abuse, i say, giving them is child abuse.  if you know the damages that are even possible from the vaccines, why would you put your child at risk?  why not take a little more time, some extra mommy work and research to keep your children healthy, and learn about the symptoms of the diseases should you need to treat them.  it's like many have stated in the past, you're playing "russian roulette"  with your children.  All in all, I agree that this decision is a unique one for every mother, and not every child is going to react the same way to the shots.  So if you're doing the shots, wait as long as possible, choose what's necessary, space them out, and keep your child's immune system as strong as possible.  The "gut" diet that Jenny McCarthy refers to is exactly because having too much yeast in our system's does compromise our immunity.  Good luck to all mothers out there!
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I'm just going to be the devil's advocate I guess.  I'm a student and a male so I definitely cannot relate to any mothers out there.  Please take what I say with a grain of salt, as I am certainly not an expert.  I hope that I do not offend anyone, I'm just trying to educate myself.

There's a lot of discussion about seizures being paired with vaccinations.  I know that seizures can be caused by very high fevers, and I have also seen that vaccinations are capable of causing fevers.  However, I have not found any credible sources that suggest that seizures cause autism.  This website, http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/autism/detail_autism.htm is a great source for autism.

Although there is a great deal of skepticism involving vaccinations, there is still no concrete proof correlating it with autism.  I just wanted to point out, because a couple people referred to websites to support their claims, that you need to be careful with you resources.  Anyone can make a website and it's more often than not incorrect information.  I'd try to look at websites with a .edu (college/university websites) or .gov (government website) suffix.

Good luck!
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Also, if a child still becomes sick with the disease after being treated with a vaccine, then it's very likely that the child has an immune disorder.  A vaccine is often times a deactivated version of the pathogen (bacteria, fungi...), and in order for the body to build up an immunity, it practices by fighting the inactivated pathogen.  Therefore, when the actual bacteria shows up, the immune system is quick to respond because it already knows how to fight the infection.

This is in response to a quote taken from this forum: "My son had his shots and also contracted Whooping cough, measles and rubella...so much for safe and EFFECTIVE..that is when I woke up...I wondered why did he get the shots only to contract the diseases FROM the shots?"

Also, if your son has all these infections, and is proved to not have an immune system disorder, then he must be exposed to harmful pathogens on a daily basis to receive all of those infections.
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About three years my then 8 years son cut his foot on a piece of metal, I thought he needed stitches so to the ER we went, they gave him a Tetnus shot. I expected such as we all "know" thats what you get so you DON"T get TETNUS.  Well about a year later he started to be very larthgis and always complained of aches and pains, he would wake up in the night screaming his legs hurt and his feet.  Dr after Dr said they were growing pains. Well my other two kids went thru tremendous growth spurts quickly and NEVER went thru this.  Finally I took him for Electro Dermal Screening and "TETNUS" was found and H-pyloria, After herbal drops he was fine and the next retest showed it was gone.  He has since grew 3 inches with NO pain!!  I am am a concentious objector to vaccines now.  My military service required me to have tons of shots..(now I am all messed up). Just my two cents but it was worth it to see my child well.
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I am undecided if i will vaccine my son or not.But I just want to remind all Mothers, a Mothers intuition is very strong and needs to be heard.If Jenny Macarthy says that after her sons vaccine "a light went off" I think there is reason for consern and I am proud that she is using her voice to spread her word.A Mothers intuition and feelings for her child is stronger than scientific evidence.I do not need to concer with science to tell me whether or not I feel something has happened to my child.

At this point I am undecided but I do not think that slamming a Mother who truly belives that vaccines have hurt her child is helping make anyones decision much easier.
I for one will listen to my Motherly instinct for my child before I will open a scientific text book to make my decisions.
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My son is 20 and autistic.  It is hard to say when his autism started as he was diagnosed before the age of one.  It is my understanding the questionable ingredient in the shots is mercury.  A small amount is used.  Ask your pediatrician for mercury free vaccines.  They make them now.
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There has been no thimerisol in individual dosing vaccines in over 5 years, there is no scientific link between vaccines and autism.  If the MMR were the cause, do you think thousands upon thousands of nurses, and doctors would continue to recommend it?  Go look at the source of all of this Wakefield and his research.  Paid by the lawyers suing the big med companies after getting families to file voluntary VAERS forms.  He himself was paid by lawyers to do the research.  Money is the problem?  You bet, don't think a starving research doctor couldn't use $50,000 for doing some research.   Do yourself a favor and do a bit more reading.  Try Paul Offit's book, Autism's False Prophets, a relatively balanced discussion.   All the proceeds of the book go to autism research, not a money maker for him.  A lot better than the newest whiz bang low gluten free diet recommendation you see all over the place.  
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How much did that EDS cost?  Looks very interesting.  
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I've been doing research and have been looking for advocacy groups that support our choice on whether or not we wish to vaccinate. Healthfreedom.com is one such group I am interested in. Is anyone actively involved in trying to support our right to choose?
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I have my 16 month old son on an adjusted shot schedule and I am worried about the flu season this year but I do not want to give him the shot!  What do I do?
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This is an old logical flaw called post hoc ergo propter hoc ("after this, therefore because of this").

Autism is not caused by vaccines, but the time period in which it manifests itself is near the time vaccines are given, which leads to the confusion.

Another part of the confusion is that people think that the number of autism cases are rising. What is happening is that children's mental disorders are decreasing and autism is making up the difference. If you aren't a cynic, you would say that autism is better understood and classified.
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My child had a Hib vacc today and the doctor told us that the tetnas (spelling) is mixed in with the Hib...Any thoughts...is mixing vacc's a popular trend. I was told that the MMR cannot be given separately, that NO doctor can get it that way. I am in Massachusetts....any advice?
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wow... you are saying a lot of things.. with absolutely NO proof.  lets see here.. i was FINE until i was FORCED to get the MMR in 1976 . PLEASE LOOK UP THIS DATE COCNERNING VACCINATIONS.  I was in a coma... a day later. Then.. weeks later.. NEVER THE SAME AGAIN.

THE time period? what? where is this proof? are you going to tell me that i "GOT" autism because i was six?

ehh.. maybe you should actually talk to someone who has actually had something go wrong after immunizations.. instead of reading something.. then giving your opinion. My son died as a direct result from the Pertussis Vaccination. This is proven. my mental state was altered as  a result from the MMR vaccination.
and on a different note.. there IS Thermisol STILL IN SOME VACCINES.

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Goodafternoon.How ncan u say "People lke Jenny Macarthy" in that manner seek answers in the wrong places.Diseases were man made and ths world will never be free of  them.Parents of autistc children want to do the research to finnd out why as well as a general education parent.We have to be more Open-minded people
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Oh yes, scary scary. even if what is written is true, and it isnt, Theres a much more important figure:

300 million to 500 million people died in the 20th century from smallpox.

The last infection was in 1978. Zero humans have died from smallpox since then.

So I assume you folks WANT the death rate to spike that high again?
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