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1st vaccine for 4month old?

hello all,

our baby is 4months old and has not had any shots yet.  i'm really concerned about the side effects of vaccines & also the risks involved in not vaccinating.

what would be a safe 1st shot?  

we are planning to have single shots per visit/ also avoid combinations like Pediatrix.

Thanks for you advice.

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I don't know what is "safe" however, I did the same thing as far as spreading out the vaccines.  It's less trauma for the child emotionally and physically.  Good Luck
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There is no safe vaccine.  Depending on where you live, you can have a religious, philosophical or medical exemption.  Do your homework, you do NOT have to get your child vaccinated.

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I agree that there is no safe vaccine, however the risks of not having a child immunised are far greater than the side effects. Millions of children across the world are vaccinated without any adverse effects. If people stop having future geneations vaccinated against preventable diseases then we will be going backwards as once eradicated illnesses will become widespread again.

I know that it is a tough decision as you can't take the shot back once it has been administered but speak with your GP and get them to answer any questions that you may have.

Good luck.
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I feel it's safer to space out the vaccinations as opposed to piling 5 in one visit, per the CDC schedule.  Is your baby in daycare?  If in daycare, I think DTaP and HIB are good to start with.  I did not do Rotavirus or Pc.
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