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Concerned post-exposure rabies vaccine hasn’t worked

I hope your symptoms cleared up! Since a dog bite in India 9 weeks ago my life has been turned upside down!
I had the first of 5 vaccines in India 4 hours after the bite (a small tooth wound in my left foot). Had general fatigue, stomach trouble at first then my left leg (where the bite is) started to ache. The aching got worse with each vaccine. I only received much milder aching in my left arm and right foot.
Anyway, I started to worry and this effected my sleep. By the fifth vaccine my head went foggy and felt like it was buzzing and full of tension and the pain in my left leg flared up loads (this lasted about 3-5 days). I was also left with very stiff joints and rashes that would come and go over a few hours.
I was convinced the vaccines hadnt worked and I have rabies as I get tingling and aching om amd off where the bite is but also in the rest of the foot and up the leg. I am now experiencing anxiety as I am so worried.
Exercise and walking long distances makes it worse and it’s also started effecting the nerve in my groin. I still get a foggy head and fatigue from time to time too.
Doctors all brush me off and never look into it so I went to a private doc for a full body check up (they didnt check my footcas much as I’d liked) which all came back good - my blood, heart are all healthy.
My last resort is to go to a private neurologist as I don’t know what else to do. If it was rabies surely I’d have died by now?? I’m so scared and confused if not rabies then what’s wrong with me??
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