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DTaP vaccine childhood immunization

My daughter is 5.3 years old and will be starting school kindergarten soon. She is born and brought up in Australia. In Australia 4 doses of DTaP vaccine is given at 2 months,4 months,6 months and after 3-1/2  years age.  

My daughter her 4th dose of DTaP just 7 days Prior her 4th birthday in Australia

However, now we have moved to USA.
In USA they give 5th dose of DTaP on or after 4th Birthday.
So for documentation purpose I need to give a DTaP dose to my child only because she had this vaccine 7 days prior to her 4th birthday.

Is there a risk to give her an extra DTaP Vaccine again. It is more than a year now when she had her 4th/last dose of DTap.

Need your advice.

Thank you
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Definitely a good question for your doctor.  They can make a case if it is too soon for her to have it as she HAS been vaccinated and write a letter for you to use with the school if they feel it is too soon to have another dose.  The welfare of your child is what is most important.  You aren't avoiding vaccines but transitioning to a new school requirement from where you lived before and your daughter shouldn't be put something unnecessary just for paper work.  Just my thoughts.  Talk to your doctor.  good luck and welcome to America (and MedHelp)
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