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Do you get a yearly flu shot?

Hello.  I am a Master of Public Health student studying ways to increase flu immunization.  Do you get the flu shot each year?  If not, why?  Thank you so much for your thoughts!
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There are mixed thoughts on this.  I got my first flu vaccine last year due to a good sell job by my doctor.  :>)  My kids have never gotten it.  My thoughts:  flu is rare.  Much rarer than people think.  I've had it twice in my entire life.  My kids have never had it.  Only certain populations are at true risk for mortality from it.  It's miserable when you have it but not deadly.  Secondary infections are concerning for little ones and elderly but healthy in between are usually fine.  And the truth is, the vaccines often do not capture the flu strain of the moment.  It's hard to predict prior to a season what strain will emerge no matter how hard they try.  Tamiflu works well if given in time, so I'd go this route most likely this year.  
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