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Does mmr and varicella have the same immune response?

My 18 month old son received his mmr. Ten days later he developed a very high fever and lethargy which lasted 3 straight days. He was very sick.  After the third day, he had a full body rash.
Will the varicella cause a similar response because it’s also a live vaccine ? Or was this response because the mmr contains 3 antigens?
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Not necessarily.  The reaction indicates that your child had a very robust immune response, likely to the measles portion of the vaccine.  A reaction to one live vaccine does not predict what the reaction will be to a different live vaccine.  

The only caveat to this would be if he had an immunodeficiency or was immunosuppressed (via medications such as chemotherapy).  It is doubtful that your son falls into this category without you being aware.  

I'm sure that was worrying.  As parents, it's frightening to watch your child have a reaction or illness.  Your son's immune response is an indication that you made the best choice - if he had gotten full-blown measles, the response likely would have been a LOT worse.
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Thank you for this response. Initially when he was ill, I thought perhaps he had a bad reaction to the vaccine.  My first son had no reaction at all to his mmr, so this was different. Naturally, I’m very worried about him receiving his varicella and was afraid of him having the same reaction or worse, like brain damage.  But at the end of the day, the diseases themselves are frightening as well. Thanks again.
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