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Follow up query on rabies vaccination

Hi experts,

A few weeks back I post a query where I found a sick bat at my home, and the advise was to get the PEP rabies vaccine. As I stay in South East Asia now, there was a shortage of RIG, and it was not administered. And I just went ahead with the 0,3,7,14,28 doses schedule.

Today would be my 4th dose (day 14). But the issue is, I have an encounter with a bat again when I went up my roof yesterday to check on some noise :)  -- I did not personally touch the bat, but it was chased out again. But as it was dark, not sure if it grazed me as there was some scratches when I moved around in the roof (could be wood splinter, nails, etc).

Question is:

- do i need to redo the PEP?

Thank you in advance!
Uncle Pew
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No, you don't need any more rabies vaccines right now.  The course already administered to you provides protection for several years: https://medi-call.id/blog/en/how-long-does-rabies-vaccine-work-in-humans/
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