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Guatemala-Cramping, bloating, stools-no good

I am (other than this issue) an extremely healthy 25 yr. female. I eat an extremely healthy diet and get a lot of exercise. At this point in my life I have very little stress, except this nagging issue.

Six weeks ago I got back to the U.S. from Guatemala. I began to have stomach aches and gurgling. This quickly turned into severe diarrhea, cramping and bloating. I went to see a doctor in PA, where I was visiting. Doctor gave me Flaygl and Cirpo which made me even more sick. I experienced all the terrible side effects of these drugs from dizziness and confusion, to diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, head aches- the full works. I took the Flagyl first- when I came off of it I felt just OK for a few days, then all my original symptoms came right back. Same with the Cipro, after it cleared my system the bloating came back and so did the watery diarrhea.

When I returned to the west coast I saw a doctor new my home who took some lab results and set me up for a return visit. To say the least- he had no idea. He lost my chart info and thought I was there as a first time patient for a physical. He had nothing to say about my illness during my return visit. When he had the lab fax the results over (blood, urine and stool) he found nothing- but when I asked he did not know what parasites/bacteria was being tested for.

I had several people recommend some things to me like raw garlic. I started eating several cloves of raw garlic a day and it dulled my diarrhea and cramping a bit. Other people recommend wormwood, black walnut, pumpkin seeds, cloves, etc. So I looked into it and decided to try a homeopathic route and take probiotics after all the harsh anitbiotics I was put on.

Now I am 6 weeks sick and the bloating, abdominal pain persists. My bowel movements are either hard/sluggish constipation to loose watery stools. I began 6 days ago ParaGone as wells as taking grapefruit seed extract and fiber for regularity- because constipation is now more prevalent.  This is a 35day minimum treatment. But I still am tired even though I can eat, and I am eating only veg and whole grains, legumes etc. as a recommendation from the parasite cleanse. I am still losing weight and the thinner I get I think my stomach gets larger. I am 5'6 between 125-130 lbs. and I look about 6/7 months pregnant.

Other info that may or may not be relevant: I am sensitive to the antibiotics I took (flagyl and Cipro) I took Typhiod immunization, and Hep A injection prior to leaving. Could this be something not related to my travels? About a week ago my boyfriend got fever, chills, body aches, nausea, diarrhea really bad for about 48 hours, we thought it was food poisoning he got from a chicken skewer he ate in chinatown (we live right next to Chinatown). But still a week later he has diarrhea and severe bloating like mine. Could I have giving him my illness? Or maybe it was food poisoning since his other symtoms cleared in two days, where as after a few severe days I got on Flagyl....?
Any ideas would greatly be appreciated about what I may have, how to treat it or the next kind/specialty of a doctor to see??? Infectious disease G.I? Travel? I don't want to see another internist at this t
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Did you ever find what was going on? I am experiencing very similar symptoms after a visit to Guatemala.
How do I find out if anyone responds? I do not see a notification of reply button.
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Hi aekeys,
I never did find out what was going on as far as a name of an illness. The homeopathic route worked for me. It been many years and I'm still not 100%, but much, much better. The paranil/paragone route combined with raw garlic tbsp 2 times day, raw ginger 2 times a day, wormwood, marshmallow, a cayenne supplement.....as well as risking more dangerous stuff, like tinctures made from oils. Oil of clove oil of majorum, bitter almond oil, and the list goes on.
Over the years I have had four other American friends live/work in Guatemala for months/years. All but one had struggled for a long time with the same issues. Similarly, issues did not really begin until stateside. Which I also find peculiar.
How long has it been going on? Have you had any medical treatments yet?
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Thanks so much for the reply!
I've been back for close to 2 1/2 weeks. So I'm just getting started. I haven't seen a doctor yet, as I have been trying to search out some more natural remedies. I have been on Parasite Purge for about a week and nothing has come from that. I just started Grapefruit Seed Extract and Probiotics yesterday. I am getting Diatomaceous Earth today as it has come highly recommended from a couple of other people I have talked with.
I had visited there about a year ago and came back with a different set of issues that cleared up in a few days. It involved fever, and I went to the doctor for that. Of course they didn't really tell me anything.
This one is much different though.
I will look into some of the things you have talked about as well.
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