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H1N1 / Swine Flu Vaccination Side Effects


I just received a H1N1 vaccination 2 weeks ago. My question..
1. Currently I developed a mild dirrhea (min 2 times daily and loose stool) and feeling tired. it has been on going for about 5 days now.
2. My son developed a high fever (about 39DegC) for 2 days and cont to have high fever (38.7-39.3 DegC) at night for about 3 days. He also seem refusing his food & milk at the moment

Is this normal?
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If your son did not get the vaccination, even if you were having a side effect from the vaccine, it would not be something he could 'catch.'  Ask your doctor if the tiredness, etc. is a known effect of the flu vaccine.  I had the H1N1 shot and did not have any side effect other than a slightly sore arm at the injection site.
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i had mine 2 weeks ago... and don'T have those symptoms so i would think they are not connected.
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I took a H1N1 vaccine shot on Sunday and happened to have a blood sample taken on the following day. The report shown that my lymphocytes were slightly below the minimal normal range. Is the vaccination the cause of the drop?
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Just to add on...my total WBC and differential white cells are within normal range but not for Lymphocytes.
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