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I was given rabies vaccine shots many, many years ago after being bitten by a cat.

I was two years old at the time. In 1953 the vaccine was administered by giving a shot in the stomach every day for seven days.  I am wondering if the vaccine administered that way can stay in your system and cause physical problems later in life. I have recently had very sharp stinging pains in my legs after a warm shower.  Lab tests show that my B-12 levels are normal.  Not sure why I am suspicious of the rabies vaccine from so many years ago, but have always wondered about long term effects.
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There is no evidence showing that a vaccine received 60+ years ago could suddenly cause problems.  The half-life of any components in the vaccine would not be more than 2 weeks, so issues would show up very soon after vaccination - not 60 years later.  Personally, I'd drop the notion that the vaccine caused issues so that you can focus on getting to the root of the real problem.
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Here's a link showing potential side effects, but all of those would have occurred during treatment, or very soon thereafter: https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/rabies-vaccine-intramuscular-route/side-effects/drg-20069868
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