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I'm Concerned I will have tetanus from scraping my foot on a rusty truck.

I'm 29 and I had my last booster shot in 2009. I cut the top of my foot on a rusted truck. I didn't have anything to clean it with. So I took my bottle of water and poured it over my foot to try and keep it clean until I could get home. 30 minutes later I cleaned it with peroxide. The very next day I went and got a tetanus shot. My dr also prescribed me keflex because the cut was swollen and very sensitive to touch. I ended up not using the keflex because peroxide and neosporin brought the swelling down and got rid of the infection. It has been five days since I received my tetanus shot and today I have a mild fever and just don't feel good. I have kept the cut covered with a bandaid and neosporin applied. Every night I take it off apply peroxide and neosporin and put a new bandage on.I'm really concerned that I could have tetanus and everything you can read online talks about how if the symptoms show up sooner your mortality rate increases.  My doctor isn't a big talker so he didn't really tell me anything....I'm driving myself nuts.  I don't know if my mild fever, tiredness and acheyness is from tetanus or if it could possibly be a reaction from the tetanus shot. Any help or reassurance is greatly appreciated.
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I thought the tetanus vaccine was good for 10 full years.  The one I get is and same for my kids is for 10 years.  So, I'd have thought you'd been good if you had it in 2009.  I know that I got it two years ago and did not feel great after it and actually got a reactive lymph node from it as a side effect.  they do have side effects.  If you had an infection from the nail being dirty, that also cold be why you feel poorly.  Go back to your doctor if this doesn't improve.  good luck
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