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I'm concerned I may be developing tetanus and am unsure if I've had enough shots.

As far as I know I was never immunized for tetanus as a child.  About 5 years ago when I was 19 I got in a car crash and got a single tetanus shot, I dont know what kind, I was unconscious for several hours and dont remember what the paperwork said. Fast forward until just about a month ago I was in a chicken coup and hit my head on a nail that was sticking out of the ceiling - it was relatively clean and rust free nail, but still, in a chicken coup - So I cleaning it out with hydrogen peroxide and went and got another shot within 24 hours of the unjury, I think it was a Tdap, but not sure, I told urgent care what happened and they gave me something. Now current date (just about exactly a month later) I have a sore red bump on my head that I believe has been there like two days.I forgot where the wound was, could be a really deep pimple I guess, but it doesn't really feel like one.

So I see three scenarios:

1: I'm over-reacting as I've been known to do and am fine.

2: Since I never got a series of shots one after another I'm not immune and I'm about to go through horrible agony over the next few months and maybe die (I know, I'm being dramatic)

3: Since I got a couple shots but they weren't in a series I'll still get tetanus, but it wont be as bad cus' they'll kinda help.

So, is my thinking somewhat accurate or am I totally wrong? There's only so much one can get from google and I'd love to understand tetanus better.
Also, should I got and get another shot or would it not make any difference at this point?
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Well, possibility #1 is the most likely scenario.  If you've now received two tetanus shots, then you're most likely immune.  You can always ask that titers be drawn to check your status.

A red, sore bump on your head is thousands of times more likely a sign of bacterial infection if the wound was deep, or a pimple, or unrelated bump, than tetanus.  Tetanus symptoms would first show up in your muscles, with extreme tightening and spasms.

No, another tetanus shot at this point wouldn't make a difference regarding the nail-in-the-head incident, but your should definitely follow up with your doc to complete the vaccination series.
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How are you feeling? How's your head?
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