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My son loved babbling since around 6 weeks when I read to him he would talk the entire time. By the time he was 3 aside from the ma and da he would say hi  and repeat it any time you said it to him. By 3 1/2 months he would say all for fall and said el.punt (elephant) 2X, and would repeat random words you said to him.  we took him in for his 4 month shots and the constant talking stopped he stopped repeating hi and no longer babbled.. After a month he started babbling agin and picked up a few new sounds.  So 2 months later we took him in for his 6 month shots and its the same thing, he dosnt talk as much.  All the things he has learned are gone and he dose not have the same attention span he had before.  i am worried about what the vaccines may have done to him and am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and knows what if anything can be done at this point to undo the damage.
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Amber: I'm very sorry to hear that your son has reacted to vaccines. I hope you will trust your instincts and not be convinced otherwise or to continue on a vaccine course for your son. There are people that are sensitive to the over-reactions that vaccines can trigger or else they are sensitive to the ingredients that are in them. You likely need help from a medical doctor that also practices alternative medicine. I had help from a naturopathic physician after falling very sick from the H1N1 vaccine. This doctor helped me at a time when regular doctors were at a loss. Also, you may want to seek out other similar groups with children and vacc reacts. Jenny McCarthy's Generation Rescue is a website dedicated to children and vaccine injuries. I know that the mainstream media is attacking her but keep in mind that pharmaceutical companies provide alot of funding to the media through advertisements. So the mainstream media may not have their hearts or the truth in the right place...only their wallets. All the best to you and your family.
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I lost my 4 month old son 24 hours after his second round of vaccines. The doctors are wanting to call it SIDS. Iv never heard of a SIDS case that happened when the child was awake. Much less screaming in pain for 3 hours. We are planning on refusing vaccines on future children, if we decide to try again. Maybe no direct evidence but common sence has to count as well.
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Oh my goodness, my heart feels so sad for you!  Really? Really, SIDS while awake? Did the doctor that told you that have a hard time looking you in the eye when he/she said that?!
How disgusting. I hope any doctor (s) that came up with that diagnosis that took your son's life away has a hard time sleeping at night or looking at themselves in the mirror.
I'm glad to hear that you are questioning that moronic diagnosis and taking a "common sense" approach that feels right for your future family.
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