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Is there any harm of getting 2 times Measles vaccine?

My daughter is 1 year old and she was given measles vaccine (rouvax) last August 2015. And today, January 2016, we visited the clinic for varicella vaccine(for chicken pox) but she was accidentaly given another shot of measles vaccine (since it should be given once only). Do I need to worry? need your help asap. thanks!
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The problem with vaccines is the preservative, which mercury based. A hidden secret is that all vaccines come in two varieties. A multiple dose (with preservative) and a single-dose (with no preservative). The multiple dose can be stored for months and requires no refrigeration. The single dose usually has to be refrigerated and has a limited shelf life. Whether or not the thimerisol mercury-based preservative is dangerous is a matter of much discussion.  Probably  not, but possibly. Always ask for the single-dose. Insofar as having a double dose the risks are insignificant.
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