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Is this chicken pox from vaccine shedding?

Bug bites or chicken pox?

I'm immunodeficient to chicken pox. I'm the one in a million to catch it in utero. For some reason this caused my immunodeficiency and doctors don't know why...I've had it like 7 or 8 times.

My kids went to the doctor May 31st and I talked with theor doctor and they were supposed to get MMR and Polio-IPV. Well almost 3 weeks later my daughter developed a skin reaction. Took her to the doctor just to have it looked at and the nurse that was there this time told me it's probably a minor Varicella reaction. I said "What? She didn't have Varicella and can't because I have to make sure she is away from me during that time or I'll get it because I'm immunodeficient." The nurse went and printed out a record and it shows they gave both of my kids the MMRV vaccine even though they gave me the MMR information sheet amd had specifically told the doctor they can't get Varicella until my doctor signs off for my own safety. The nurse that was there said she doesn't know which my kids were given for sure since the schedule shows they were to recieve MMR and Varicella seperately and that their next dose was scheduled to also be done seperately. I called and left messages about this and trying to get to the bottom of what vaccine they were givem but I'm not getting any help. I called the state health department and they said all they can tell me is the official recoed shows they recieved MMRV. What should I do about this?

I've now got about 10 spots and I'm not sure if it's chicken pox again or if they are like mosquito bites. I haven't been sick this week...very tired...but not sick. So IDK I haven't had chicken pox since I was about 17 (13 years ago) and can't remember. How can I tell?
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