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Lump in armpit after Immunizations

My 11 yr old son received 4 shots on Friday afternoon (Td/Tdap, Hep A, Varicella, Meningitis). After a shower 24 hours later he had a painful lump and swelling in his armpit. It is now just over 48 hours after getting the shot and it is not getting any better.  I just want to check to see if this allergic reaction or pain and swelling is a common side effect of at least one of these shots. Because of the timing of the soreness my husband and I feel it is related but not sure if it needs a dr. to check him out.
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Hi there!
There are chances that this swelling in the armpit can be due to any of the above mentioned vaccines. Mild effects of Tdap vaccines are mild fever, tiredness, stomach upset and swollen lymph nodes. While Hepatitis A vaccine can cause blisters, fever and swollen glands in the armpit, neck or groin. Meningitis vaccine can also cause fever, pain, weakness and swollen glands in armpit, groin. Some side effects which occur usually do not need medical attention. They are self-limiting and can go away on their own. It is difficult to confirm whether it had occurred due to the vaccine or any other cause. Any local infection, injury, cancer, cat scratch disease, brucellosis are other causes of axillary lymphadenopathy. See a doctor and get these glands examined. Do keep us posted.
Good luck!
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I had three shots nov 1 it was a flu shot MMR shot and a TB skin test all in the same arm. Next day I felt sore under my arm and it was swollen. Why does it do that I’m scared cause I had all my shots in my right arm and that’s the arm that’s swollen and tender. I’m 34 years old I just had blood work done and pap smear to and it wasn’t there
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