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MMR and side effects

My 12 month old had his MMR vaccine 12 days ago about two days after the vaccine he started getting sick. (he had been getting over a cold when he got the vaccine but Dr said it was fine) Day by day it has progressed into a quite a sickness- terrible runny nose, congestion, cough, very very irritable, not sleeping and within last day vomiting and diarrhea. He also has been falling over a lot when walking – maybe a ear thing?  Dr says it’s a coincidence but I cant help but think otherwise. Anyone else experience something like this? Is this likely reaction?

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Hi there!
MMR vaccine is a relatively safe vaccine and only few people may experience reactions after receiving MMR vaccine.Fever; rash and swelling of glands in cheek are mild problems. They are usually seen within 7-12 days after the shot. Sometimes seizures and transiently lowered platelet counts may be seen. Few serious but rare problems after MMR vaccine are serious allergic reactions, deafness, lowered consciousness etc. Several other severe problems have been known to occur after a child gets MMR vaccine. But this happens so rarely, that it is very difficult for a doctor to be sure whether they are caused by the vaccine or not. Seek opinion of an experienced Paediatrician.A complete clinical examination is necessary to get his diagnosis confirmed. Treatment will depend on the cause. Do write to us again on how he is doing.
Good luck!
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